Friday, July 18, 2014

BFG Star Wars: Rebel Fleet Redux

Hey Folks,

My obsession with all things Star Wars continues, this time with a repaint of my Rebel Fleet I collected ages ago. Jamie and I ported over the ships from GW's Battle Fleet Gothic as it's a nice fleet scale game and suits the Star Wars "broadsides in space" type capital ship battles. 

I wasn't happy with the paint jobs previously, especially on the Mon Calamari Star Cruisers. These are from Odyssey Slipways and while nice models they didn't have panel lines engraved, so I added these with Mica pen and highlighting. 

Ready to throw off Imperial Oppressors the 7th Rimward Fleet is painted with the red markings of the Old Republic in remembrance of the former Republic and as a sign of its mission to restore it. 
Three Mon Calamari Star Cruisers are the core of the fleet. The MC-80 and MC-80 (Winged) Star Cruisers (bottom and middle) are the Odyssey Slipways ships. These count as a Grand Cruiser and a Battleship respectively. The top Star Cruiser is a converted Viscount Star Defender from Wizards of the Coast Starship Battles. I'm counting it as an MC-90 Star Cruiser which is also a battleship. The three transports are WotC Gallofree Yards Transports which are way out if scale (about 5 times too big!) so I'm counting them as Bulk Cruisers for escort missions. 
Two of the fleets Cruisers and the Corellian CR-90 Corvette Squadron. The bottom cruiser is an Old Republic Dreadnought which is very slow but fairly tough while the too cruiser is a converted WotC Recusant Class Separatist Light Destroyer (which were used by a Rebel forces after refits in the early days of the Rebellion) 
Two Assault Frigates - fast and hard hitting Drednought conversions - are supported by my Nebulon-B/B2 Squadron. I did have frigates but one broke :(
Carrier Support - a captured Imperial Escort Carrier (the flying box) and a refitted Munificence Class Battle Cruiser (General Grevious's flag ship from Revenge of the Sith) 

Photos are a bit average and a few stands to paint but otherwise job done. Next up I will pick the (mostly chaos) BFG ships that best match and build a roster. Hope to get a game in tomorrow!




bikewrench said...

Dude those look awesome!
Really impressed with the paintjob bro. I'll have to check those out in person sometime. I am however back in school.

Jason Holland said...

Thanks Adam :)

I'm pretty happy how they can me out too. If You get a study break Lmk and we can push some X-wing's around.


Andy Tucker said...

Im with Adam, they look cool Jas, nice work. like your space bases.

Jason Holland said...

Cheers Bro.

Just black, white and red spray paint.

Michael Townsend said...

Its a Providence Class Carrier/Destroyer.