Saturday, September 10, 2011

Start of a New Napoleonic Lasalle Army: Peninsula British

Hey Folks,

Completely off track from doing a Prussian Army I have acquired a start to a Peninsula British army!

Now as Pooch is using the lovely Perry Models British models as a Waterloo force he had a heap of Perry Peninsula Heads as well as a pile of spare Victrix models I snapped them up :)

Well I am always one to do my wargaming on the cheap so I don't mind that the Victrix models are not as good as the Perry's (well, not THAT much) and to be honest the Perry heads fix the biggest sin of the the Victrix models, they are butt ugly!

So I am doing a Light Division, as its super cool, it has;

1 Rifle (+)
1 Elite Infantry (+)
1 Infantry
2 Caçadore
2 Infantry 

(The + symbol means that its a large 6 base unit instead of the usual 4 bases)

It also has;

If Jamie can have Russell Crowe to leas his Impetus Romans I can have Sean Bean for my 95th Rifles!

Structure looked something like this;

Structure during the Peninsular War

I'm still not sure on what to run as the support choice. Brunswicks (though maybe run them as Kings German Legion) would be the obvious choice but Allied Portuguese (crappy) or Reserve Light Cavalry (also crappy) would be the historical choice...

Looking forward to getting some paint on some models tomorrow.



LintMan said...

Running the Brunswicks as KGL support is the option taken my the British players up here.

Rodger said...

looks like a really nice force you are planning. Looking forward to the painted versions.

Kruger said...


KGL would be quite alot better then either the Light Cavalry and the Portuguese, especially as its on table and gets a single Cavalry unit. Its what Pooch runs as well so I might have to jump on the bandwagon. Though I am not generally a fan of taking the "default" options in me perverse but I like my man barbies to be "special" :)

I have just had a thought that the 43rd and 52nd were equipped fully as a Light Company, so probably need Light Company Shakos! I guess I will have to decapitate the first unit (see, this is why I use Superglue and not plastic cement Pooch) and make a start on the KGL part of the force.

Jamie said...

I think the Brunswicks are a good support option, with a nice mix of units, Jason.

One issue I see with Lasalle is the prevalence of Cavalry - after we were discussing Chasseur uniforms last night I had a deeper think about what a list with them would mean - Lets say Peninsula French:
One unit Dragoons (core)
Two Chasseurs (organic)
Two Hussars (organic)
Infantry, another five units. If you leave out the arty, half the army is Cav! Madness.

A lot of the lists I look at look this way but I think I will find some less extreme organic supports or have reserves because those four cav supports really skew things in core + 1 games (see what happens when you give me rules?) - kinda like the 'big three' in another game...


bikewrench said...

Alright, I've been got.
95th and Sean Bean kick ass!

Hmmn, Russians...
Dragoons and Cossacks...
hordes of conscripts.
Kvass, capital punishment and no college plan.
PDF please J

Kruger said...

The Russians have quite a few plastic kits coming out...but you have so much artillery to paint!