Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lasalle British: KGL Progress

Hi Folks,

A bit of progress on my Lasalle British, or, more correctly Hanoverians from the Kings German Legion.  First up, a painted base of KGL line infantry.  They need a bit of work on the red of the coats, but otherwise should be ok "en masse"

 And here are the three units for my KGL support.  The front and back units are the line infantry while the middle unit is the Elite Line Infantry
 The Elite unit has a mounted Colonel, which is a great idea I nicked off Pooch to show "Elite" Status.  They also all have Hanoverian Shakos with cap cords.
The Skirmishers also have the Hanoverian Shako's, but light company "wings" on their arms.

Looking forward to getting some painting done soon.



Rodger said...

Looking very good Jason.

Galpy said...

looking real nice

Kruger said...


im still getting the hang of this napoleonic thing, the level of detail is pretty crazy. why was everything white? good thing i didnt do Austrian!

Alas my new job is alot more time intensive then my old, so progress will be slower :-(

Jamie said...

They are looking cool - I know what you mean about all the white too and I guess that is one good thing about greatcoats? I too am getting the hang of the more 'important' thing, the rules :) I quite like them and your Light Divn turns out to have some fearsome infantry overall with the KGL/Brunswick support so I'll be interested to see how that works out on the table.

Oh and the 'pro painter' wants you to hurry up and comment on her line-up already :P

Kruger said...

Cheers Jsmie,

Light Division is teh awesome...its almost SK3 for everybody, and most of them are Valiant too.

Im looking forward to getting a game some time.