Monday, February 2, 2015

Infinity N3: ALEPH Training Sim

Hey Folks,

Long time no blog (3 months in fact!) due to life and reasons and stuff :) 

Last weekend Ben came around with his new ALEPH force. I'd been thinking about some terrain concepts so set up a table with very simple base shapes (Tupperware buildings, large polystyrene hex bases I'd made, hexagonal gift boxes (an idea I stole from Jamie that day no less)) and not a few wooden building blocks. 

As a table this looked crap of course visually but the shapes, fire lines and overall aesthetic was pretty cool. In my mind it looked awesome anyway! Also both Ben an I had a little to paint (read: a lot) so I played around with some Apps and to steal another idea from Jamie (imitation, flattery etc) did this;
Cartoon photo app and a comic strip created app. And yes Jamie that's a Tacitcal Armoured Gear you can't really see...the arms race is on! 

Mission was armoury, I went real subtle and bought a heavy infantry link team AND the Iguana. Which was a bit silly but fun!
I let Ben go first and they AI troops bounded forward and got first dibs on the armoury. However my counter assault got going with Mr Sad (my Intruder Sniper) dropping an HMG Dakini but also driving off the Asura who was on suppression fire. Forced four saves and Ben passed three...which was to become a theme lol.
In the end the Igauna got popped by a lucky shot with the Asuras multi rifle (and then we got ejection wrong). The Mobile Brigada link team got to the objective and held it for a turn until being gradually aro'ed and isolated. Highlights were the Brigada shrugging off three mines (next time Bens bringing monofilament...) and the Deva hacker dodging or saving multiple shotgun and light flame thrower blasts. On the flanks an aerial infiltrating Garuda got Mr Sad and the Dasyu was unopposed. 

Ben got his Secret Objectives while I couldn't so 5-2 to Ben! 

Great game and looking forward to the next one. 

In case your wondering here is the table in all its no cartoon glory ;) 
Also ad the Lunokhod and his Kola friends. I love the iguana model!
Bens Aleph - his painted Dakini is Boss 


Ben said...

Ah cool report! The grand irony of the single painted Dakini is that it was the only model in my force to never receive an order all game :P

Andy Tucker said...

Minis look wicked jas, hex bases look mean, nice to see more of your infinity stuff

Jamie said...

Good to see photos of the terrain layout, Jason. Was having trouble visualizing but looks very cool now I see it. I need to find some of those hex boxes to go,with my square ones.

Well done to Ben too. Those poor Brigada teams....

Jason Holland said...

Yep that was hilarious. I didn't even kill him - though I should have on general principal!

Jason Holland said...

Thanks Andy,

Hex bases don't quite work for larger size bases (curently I just glue a couple together) but overall I am happy. They are just mosaic tiles. Once I have painted my new additions and touched up the existing stuff I will post the nomads

Jason Holland said...

Well a (heavily altered) picture paints a thousand words. Will keep an eye out of more Hex boxes for you too. Sorry to totally steal your idea. It was a good idea!

Phil said...

Creative and excellent, love the comics style!

Jason Holland said...

Thanks Phil. Still really seeing what apps are put there and what functions they have. The one I used was a bit limited but still easy to use on the iPad.