Monday, March 23, 2015

Infinity: All Hail Doctor Worm

I Hey Folks,

Travelled to the "town of the future" to play Ben in a 300pt ITS "loot the tech coffin" game (I can't recall the actual name of the mission lol)

Once I'd unpacked my very WIP town of the infinity future from my boot we had an interesting table...
So all the basic shapes are there with lots of hight and cover across multiple levels.

Mission was loot 3 tech coffins which have stuff you apparently want in them. 

Ben had the evil (and very well painted) Aleph while I bought my bringers of peace and prosperity- the Combined Army

Selected Shots as I forgot to take more photos :(
A Naga Sniper deploys out of Camo to take a shot at my total reaction Q Drone hovering on the far painted hex lab block. In what became something of a trend she died to ARO even the odds were in her favour. And yes that is an Aleph Camo token in the mid ground hiding from an Impersonation Plus token #speculo killer!
Here my Sith Lord (Umbra Legate Hacker) has cybermasked (made him self look to be a friendly) himself across the containers and leaped on the Daysu to slice him in half with his light saber...erm sword. He then data scanned an Netrod AI beacon to get me an objective point.
By this time my boss Charotonid is dead to the evil Asura and my Sith Lord has fallen foul of Super Dakini Tactbot. The Speculo Killer has killed another Naga easily by souping him with a monofilament weapon but then Super Dakini gets her too! We by now are down to only a handful of orders each as AROs have been brutal! 
Finally Ben is ahead as his hacker has got to a tech coffin. I'm down to my last order and its up to Doctor Worm (my med tech robot doctor/engineer thing) who manages to not get hit by an Asura and pass his save from being hit by Super Dakini! Last roll is a WIP test to crack the coffin and he passes! 

All hail the EI! (Just!) 

Cheers for the awesome game Ben and your hospitality:) Aleph and EI are well matched and it's super fun! 

Now to like paint stuff and keep building terrain...



Ben said...

Ah indeed it was a game of 'epic fail in the active turn'.

In addition to my Naga failing, so did my Deva Spitfire, Dakini Sniper, the Charotnid, eventually Umbra Space Wizard and I think the most epic fail of all of them my Garuda Tacbot scattering literally into the open in range of both the Makreep Sniper and Total Reaction HMG!

Bright spots were the Asura who, after everybody else had killed themselves went on a bit of a Rambo and of course Super Dakini :)

Table was great with the vertical nature making it really interesting.

Overall extremely bloody game with both of us down to about 4 models by the end of it.

harada57 said...
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