Friday, November 25, 2011

Assembling the Fleet

Hey Folks,

Long time no post, for which I blame work and the release of The Eldar Scrolls: Skyrim for Xbox 360...

I am not alone in a sudden drop of productivity, but at least I have managed to assemble my Prussian Fleet which took its sweet time to turn up from Old Blighty.  This was after NZ Post left it on my front porch for a couple of days as well, in which it got soaked (thankfully my rulebook survived!) and was amazingly not stolen!

In all there unpainted and semi-painted (read: stealth) glory;
So that's Destoyers at the front, followed by Crusiers and a Dreadnought flanked by two Battleships.  Two squadrons of Frigates flank the battleships while two squadrons of Escorts are in the centre.  The supporting Luftwaffe consists of two Scout Zeppelins, two Bombers, 3 squadrons of Tiny Fliers, a Recon Tiny Flyer and the massive Sky Fortress. Bringing up the rear is a par of wading Metzgar Giant Robots

Cruisers are part painted, will take good photo's when they are finished. 
 As you can see the fleet is in good order, mainly because;
Man this thing is huge!
So Jamie has Challenged me to have a 1000pt fleet painted in a little over a week.  Easy.  But what to paint?



bikewrench said...

Skyrim is making my wasd key fingers twitch! Suddenly I need a computer with a decent video card and a VERY fast processor...

Anywhoo, good god man those Prussians are growing fast! Soon we'll all be speaking, Prussian...;-)

Kruger said...

Thanks Adam,

There was no way I could keep up with PC requirements, which is why I went console. No decent strategy games to speak off but still plenty of RPG action with Skyrim, Mass Effect and Fallout to keep me occupied.

Prussians have now been under coated a glorious RED and washed with a mix of brown and black inks. Go go REDFLEET :)

Jamie said...

There is an extensive back-catalogue of excellent Strategy games that work on our laptops anyway, Kruger. Btw you interested in a game like Galactic Civilisations II? I totally agree with you on the relative cost-effectiveness of a console for games and I always hated how after a year you ended up with second-best, then third-best then... settings on your PC.

Anyway, re: DW - I like how you pose the options as a question, as if I'm not totally facing up the the Blucher Class Dreadnaught next Mon :P

Joel said...

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mikethefish said...

Personally I am saving up a red paint scheme for when the Russians are released next year ;-) I want a bunch of big ugly red Rooskie monstrosities sailing in my DW boards!