Friday, November 11, 2011

We all live on the Yellow Japanese Boat Train, We all live...

Hey Folks,

As you can probably tell we have been getting in alot of Dystopian Wars games with  Pooch's KoB victorious in its last encounter against the Japanese Boat Trains and also Jamie's FSA paddle steamers giving the poor Japs a good kicking.

I feel that regardless of the shame of defeat, we have more style.  Go Yellow Fleet!
Yellow Fleet moving through a strait in the Coral Sea somewhere.  "Ichi" Frigate Squadron (Hatsuune, Enoki, Hatsuzakura and Hinoki) leads the way  followed by "Roku" Crusier Sqaudron (Nagara, Yura, Natori) and the mighty Sokotsu class Battleship Masaka.  Bring up the rear is the "Ni" Frigate Squadron (Kaede, Kaki, Kaba, Hagi) while two DFA-170 bombers of the Fleet Air Arm pass overhead.

The Masaka
The Yura

Frigates of "Ichi" Squadron
DFA-170 Bombers
The Core of the Fleet
The Natori showing the Kanji symbol for Yellow that is carried by all the vessels in the fleet.
So overall I am quite happy how they came out.  I think the masts and ensigns really help get across the fact they are ships, and not trains!.  Even if I did put most of the flags on upside down...

I have reinforcements inbound but I also picked up another starter box that gave me the BB as well as the extras to do a fourth cruiser for "Roku" Squadron, another 4 frigates to form "San" Squadron and and extra DFA-170 bomber so I can field a full squadron of those too :)

Next up, Prussians...



Jamie said...

The Manga paint-scheme and the masts has really made these, Jason. Good work.

Have you though of a not-grey scheme for the Prussians?

Kruger said...

Thanks Jamie,

I was thinking black Hull, white details like the Japs and maybe a deep red superstructure? All the Faraday Cages will be brass/ copper so thier will be a fair bit of metal on them.

Will add masts to them too, but probably raked like the funnels.

Will do a test model at some point.

bikewrench said...

They look even better in person folks!
Really cool colors and mods as usual squire.