Tuesday, January 3, 2012

DW Campaign Game 1: The 1st Battle of the South China Sea

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Given that I am big on gaming, slow on posting here is the first of the three battles I have fought recently as part of our Dystopian Wars Campaign...versus our "allies" the Austro-Hungarians.  Admiral Horthy's log can be found here: Admiral Horthy's ramblings

This was our first Campaign Game and we rolled up Territories prior to it.  We both rolled pretty poorly with my Japanese in control of a Bastion (Gives one squadron the Security Posts MAR), A Foundry (adds 10% to your Small Cap) and a steamy knight in Bangkok (Shore Leave - ignore XP loss for one squadron if crippled).  Unfortunately they all only provide one Requisition Point each, and as explained over on Commodore Sheridan's ramblings this could prove a problem as I will struggle to repair my larger vessels if they are lost...as in fact turned out.

Kaigun Shosho Hotorio Hanso's Log

Dec 27: 0800 hours
Shinobi Intelligence has sent a report that our "allies" the Austro-Hungarians have been sent ANOTHER Dreadnought by the Prussians...just what is the Kaiser playing at?  Does he think the Empress will sit by and watch such a massive build up of naval power in HER co-prosperity sphere without challenge.  Orders have come through to intercept the new Dreadnought, and "redress the balance" before it can link up with the existing Austro-Hungarian forces. To this end I have been granted a new flag, the mighty Hachiman Class Dreadnought IJNS Musashi

Dec 28: 1200 hours
Recon planes from the Ho-O Air Armada have spotted the Dreadnought in question, but we are two late to prevent the link up as they saw another Dreadnought to the port of it, surrounded by a host of small vessels. We shall just have to sink both of them.

Dec 29: 1420 hours
Contact! We have sighted the enemy. The two DN's are supported by a host of Destroyers.  For some reason our orders have changed to sinking the supporting Cruisers now, but these seem to be in the rear of the enemy fleet and do not look to be moving to engage.  Supporting the IJNS Musashi are the cruisers of Ryu Squadron, the frigates of Ichi and Ni Squadrons as well as the Inari Scout Gyro's of the Ho-O Air Armada, the IJAS Aobozu, Azukitogi and Azukiari.  In order to ensure the destruction of the Dreadnought we also have two wonders of Japanese engineering, the Mechanical Ika IJNS Calamari and IJNS Sushimi

Dec 29: 1450 hours
The Inari move into position and start launching rockets from altitude at the destroyers, but this proves ineffective. Wary of the massed firepower of two Dreadnoughts I order the fleet to move through the narrow channel between the islands, it appears that only a squadron of destroyers will impede our progress. 

Dec 29: 1510 hours
I have sent the two Ika forward, but in their haste to close with the enemy they are buffeted by heavy swell and damaged.  The massed shelling of the Austro-Hungarians finally scores a palpable hit on the IJNS Calamari, and his reactor is breached sinking him with the loss of all hands.
Dec 29: 1530 hours
The Prussian fleet continues to hold its distance, I send the bulk of my forces up the channel and eliminate the enemy Destroyer squadron their for the loss of a couple of frigates.

Dec 29: 1550 hours
The IJNS Sushimi appears out of the murky depths and assault's the Prussian Dreadnought! It ravages the enemy marines but is driven off before it can inflict serious damage on the behemoth.  It is then sadly boarded and destroyed by multiple waves of the marines from the supporting Austro-Hungarian Destroyers...Crucible Command will not be happy that the two Ika have been lost under my command.

Dec 29: 1600-1700 hours
From now on the recon plan recording the action failed to take photo's for lack of film.  They will be flogged for their negligence.  My Cruisers and Inari demolished the enemy Destroyers, until only the two Dreadnoughts and the cowardly Cruisers remained.  The IJNS Musashi trembled beneath my feet as I ordered all fire onto the closest Dreadnought.  Our fire seemed ineffective, but the combined weight of return fire started to tell, and my beautiful Dreadnought was damaged.  Rather than risk an unfavourable engagement, I called the withdrawal.  The taste of failure is bitter in my mouth, and I am shamed.

The shield operator in charge of the Musashi's Shields has been sent a ritual Katana to cleanse his shame at allowing such damage to MY ship.

So the game ended up a Draw.  I was unable to damage his DN's or get at the soft squishy cruisers. Or get close enough to board the (relatively defenseless) DN my Squid had damaged.  The 4 HP the Musashi suffered was a problem, as with only 7 Repair Points at my disposal I could not afford to repair it AND buy replacement Squids.  Looks like the Ika are out until the resources start to roll in...but it depends what else is damaged along the way. My surviving ships got experience though, and the Cruiser squadron picked up "Coordinated Assault" making them quite lethal at boarding while the Inari got "Hard Impact" for their guns.  Both units now cost 10% extra however...
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