Saturday, January 14, 2012

Flames of War 2012 Completion Challenge: Ze Germans

Hey Folks,

Pooch and I were discussing how much Flames of War models we have lying around, being all tardy and unpainted and the like.  So far he has been a machine and cracked through some Kiwi Armour of Mid and Late war as well as Early and Late war Germans.

I, truth be told have not done a whole lot, mainly focusing on Dystopian Wars as well as being diverted by SAGA.  Craig's Day of Days event has prompted me to paint up some Germans, and it was while searching through my collection I realised I had a ridiculous (though not as bad as some: I'm looking at you of the broken arm, you know who you are!) amount that needed to be built and the Challenge this year is to get this done;

 And note this doesn't include all my Transports that I need to strip/ assemble and paint.
 So for the Panzers this is;

  • A full 14 Tank Tiger Kompanie (note 6 of the Forged in Battle Tigers are a mates that I will paint for him) Including two Tiger I (Porsche) that will do double duty in my 653. Schwerepanzerjager Kompanie
  • Another Elefant (for 3 total) and a Jagdtiger for 653. Schwerepanzerjager
  • 4 Brumbarr's, 3 Mobelwagons and 3 Hummels for the Panzer IV Panzer Kompanie (11 Panzer IV's painted so far)
  • 5 StuG's to add to my 5 Painted StuG's to make a StuG Batterie
  • 9 Panthers, 2 Jagdpanthers and a Bergepanther to make a Panther Kompanie
  • 4 PaK 40 RSO's to go with a Speerverband

For the Infantry this is;

  • 5 Grenadier Platoons, 3 with Light Mortars.  This combined with my one painted platoon will allow me to field a Grenadier Kompanie or Sperverband as well as have more than enough MG Teams to transition to a Panzergrenadier/ Aufklarungs Kompanie or Sturm Kompanie as well as Rifle Teams to field a Schirungs Kompanie
  • 1 Pioneer Platoon with two goliaths. This combined with my painted Pioneer platoon, and pumped out by some Grenadiers will allow me to field a Panzerpioneer Kompanie or a foot Pioneer Kompanie
  • 3 More Fallshcirmjager stands, allowing me to field two full strength squads in Fallschirmjager Kompanie
  • 6 HMG Teams and 2 8cm  to add to my two painted Mortars and HMG's so I can field two full HMG platoons and a full Mortar platoon.
  • A full PaK 40, Pak 36 (7.62cm)r, Pak 38 and Pak 36 Anti-Tank Gun platoons
  • 3 NW42 Nebelwerfers
  • Objectives
So this is an awful lot to paint, and I STILL want more (I would love a Czech and a Medium Panzerkompanie) but I really need to get all this done first...and then onto fixing/ painting replacements for my damaged Soviets and the start of some Kiwis!

So, better get cracking then!



Scott said...

Best of luck with your endeavours! Good to see a fellow gamer with an impressive amount of unpainted lead - I dont feel so bad now! ;-)

Stephen S said...

Pushing it Jason :-)
Good to see you are getting on top of your problem, they keep trying to tell me I have one...Clearly they are wrong :-)