Monday, February 6, 2012

Flash Traffic: Major Japanese Victory in the West Pacific

Flash Traffic
Date: 6th February 1870
Sent: IJNS Musashi
Received: Crucible Command Pacific

Message Reads:
Admiral Hitorio Hanso reports a decisive victory against the capitalist forces of the FSA.  Under my command my Task Force has engaged and sunk TWO enemy Battleships, which Shinobi Intelligence has identified from the wreckage as the USS Retribution and USS Constitution.  Both were lost with all hands when their magazines exploded.  IJNS Musashi claims the kill for the first Battleship while the Fleet Air Arm torpedo bomber squadron struck the final blow against the second Battleship.

The enemy frigate screen was swept aside with ease with the new Fujin class Corvettes and Tanuki class Gunships (Heavy Cruisers) preforming well. The enemy Cruiser's disengaged after one of there number was lost and they faced overwhelming odds. My only regret is that the enemy Commander Sheridan was absent at the time. We will know move to occupy the Coral Islands.  We have suffered no significant losses.

Long Live the Empress!

Message Ends

Sorry Jamie!  Not much you could do about dual snake eyes... :(

At least your new terrain looks really good. :)



Jamie said...

Lol WEEKS without posting and suddenly he excitedly posts after he manages to get first one Magazine Explosion, then TWO Magazine explosions.

I will post an updated map showing the much diminished FSA holdings, presently.


Chris said...

2 magazine explosions? Really?

Holy crap that's jammy!

Kruger said...

Yep. Note there has been bugger all actual modelling work done :)

I am an aberration for DW!