Saturday, February 25, 2012

WW2: Pacfic - Japanese Rifleman

Hi Folks,

As seen over on Adams Blog there are some USMC and some WIP Diggers are to be found on Poochies Blog.

This is for a World War II: Pacific 28mm game we are working on, using Ambush Alley's Force on Force games rule.

I am doing Japanese; here is my first horribly sterotypical Bolt Action Miniatures Japanese rifleman.

Light is really crap (he isnt that yellow) and my Matt Varnish dosnt seem that Matt, but you get the idea.

Now,  back to doing work :)



Rodger said...

Very nice looking paint job there. Basing looks very cool too.

Craig C said...

Love the basing too- yet another project for you guys!


bikewrench said...

Dude, looks cool. So tanks? Night fighting rules?

Chris said...

Aren't stereotypes lovely? Looking good dude- I think I need to up my basing, these are looking so cool!