Friday, February 17, 2012

SAGA Illiad: Trojan Royal Guard

Hey Folks,

Finally finished these, been stupid busy with work so some progress is better than none!

Next up some Lycians



Rodger said...

Great work. Very well done.

Craig C said...

They look great- love the shields

Kruger said...

Thanks guys,

Shields are just transfers, need a coat of matt varnish. Im tempted to add some more detail to them though...

Jamie said...

They've come up good - However, you know a Freebooter like Odysseus, not to mention the pirates that follow him, really wont respect men who fight in pig-tails ;)

Speaking of which, you want some more of those?

btw the new captch system IS evil. I'm going to turn mine off.

Niblet said...

Cool man. I'm getting more and more tempted to paint some of these figures. The pain of promises : (

bikewrench said...

Cool minis mate!
You guys and your Trojans, I want to hear and see more!

Galpy said...

these look really cool you've done a nice job on those shields, see you in the weekend.