Saturday, March 17, 2012

28mm Ruined Church and some Fields

Hey Folks,

This was a foamcore building I picked up awhile back for War of the Ring as part of a set that included some castle walls, towers and a couple of buildings.  It was whole but I "ruined" it so as to make it easier to game with.  The most time consuming part of any terrain build is the detail work and these were nicely textured as stone blocks.

I have keep it pretty basic and only added balsa wood floors, some rubble and a large wooden Cross on the exterior.  I have tired to keep it pretty non-descriptive so as to be able to use it all the way from 1066 Dark Ages SAGA/ Impetus through to WW2 Force on Force.  Likewise the earth texture is reddish with the grass quite light, so it should be able to be used in the Pacific as well as Europe (in Summer)

The Nave of the Church - it shouldn't really have an entrance here but oh well!
Looking down on the front section with Christian Cross
And with my "crop fields" - teddy bear fur stuck to MDF bases and lightly sprayed Dunkelgelb
A lone Japanese rifleman takes cover in the crops...
So this is the start of my new non-winter terrain table.  The crop fields could be used for any scale and I will look to add hedges and walls to border them for European style games, while in the Pacific they will just be long grass bordering tracks.  I will add some more buildings, a bell tower and Monks Rectory as well as a grave yard.  Together these could easily be a Dark Ages Abbey in Northern England or a Missionary post somewhere in Borneo - with the appropriate surrounding terrain.

Got a WW2 Japanese Section Done (6 men with a type 99 LMG) and a further 6 on the painting table - looking forward to trying out some Force on Force!



Jamie said...

Hi Jason,

Good stuff - we seem to have a lot of figs being produced but not so much terrain, amongst our group!

You've still got evil captcha enabled btw

Rodger said...

Great looking ruin. The fields look pretty good too.

bikewrench said...

I like that building too.

Hmmn, grass shacks, elephant grass, bigger trees...

The anti captcha activist strikes again!