Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ancient Germans - Day 7: The Horde is Complete!

Hey Folks,

I finished the army and camp last night, yay! 

 In "Horde" formation :)
 And so you can see the individual units. The Auxiliaries on the extreme left are a traitor Roman unit, and just need their shield transfers.
 Left Flank
 Center with Cavalry and Macemen units
 Right Flank, more large Warbands screened by my hordes of Skirmashers
 And the painted Standing Stone "Camp".  I'm pretty happy with how this turned out as it was looking a bit iffy halfway through the painting. I will have to add some shield transfers to the captured Roman shields too.
And a side shot of the "camp"

Overall I'm really happy to now have a fully painted Impetus Army.  Their are still some detail work to do, I want to free hand shield designs (as the Germans did have them, simple stuff compared to the Celts though) and I want to touch up and re-glaze and highlight some of the skin tones.  I also need to paint a Lanciarii's arm and fix the broken Carnyx horn of one of the units.

Today Craig Jamie , Kent and I will be running a couple of  Impetus Demo games at NATCON in Woolston, Christchurch.  Jamie and I will be doing a Middle Imperial Romans vs my Ancient Germans game while Craig and Kent are doing Syrians vs First Crusaders

We will all be taking heaps of Photos and I'm sure be Blogging forthwith!



Craig C said...

The army looks good in the photos Jason, even better in real life.

Great job.

My own Germans are now on the painting table thanks to you!

Fantastic looking game today BTW- well done to both you and Jamie!

Can you post your actual list from today?


Kruger said...

Hi Craig,

Thanks for the kind words, your Syrians are very cool too.

It was cool to see how many people were interested in the demo games, I think we may have started the ball rolling...

The Germans were:

VDT 48/24

Poor General
4 * FL Elited Large Warband (*)
1 * FL Crap Large Warband
1 * CM Cavalry with Hundreds
4 * S Javelinmen
1 * S Shortbow

VD 25/13

Poor General
1 * FL Elite Large Warband
1 * FL Crap Large Warband
2 * FL Macemen (*)
2 * CM Cavalry with Hundreds
2 * S Javelinmen
2 * S Shortbow

VD 23/12

I should have split the commands less evenly though, as in the second game the loss of the smaller command and one rear unit of the larger command caused the army to rout.


Craig C said...

I agree- the armies, and rules, created a good amount of buzz and was good to see DBX players stopping for a look and to suss out the rules- well presented 28mm figures creates interest like no other scale!


The Belgian, said...

Great army and extremely fast and well-painted!

I really like the sacrifice site, with the poor scorched centurion!

Kruger said...

Thanks The Belgian,

Jamie (my regular opponent) and I figured that if he lost a game he should donate spare heads from his collection to add to the sacrifice site...and while he lost the first game today he defeated the Germans in the second game so honours are even.

Im keen as to see more people get into it - looks like Kent pimping his Romans to Andy has converted another player!

Christian said...

Great looking army and that camp is brilliant. Well done.

Kruger said...

Thanks Christian :)

Galpy said...

I was very impressed with your army they look even better up close i look forward to clashing with them at Tagcon

peter said...

That's an impressive horde, very well painted!


Kruger said...

Thanks folks :)

Next up some Romans of my own to fight them. With