Friday, April 8, 2011

Here Be Dragons! - WotR Ancient Dragon

Hi Folks,

I've been quite busy over the last few weeks with Real Life unfortunantly but I have managed to get a few things finished. First up is this Ancient Dragon for War of the Ring.

I picked this up rediculously cheap in a trade and have had it for awhile. I have kept it "secret" though as I have wanted to spring it on Jamie one night and I did this last week in our Traditional Tuesday Game. Jamie has sent me the photos for this one so I will blog the Battle Report soon, but suffice to say adding something as powerful (and expensive!) as a Dragon really did change the game...

He is painted black as my son Roman chose the colours to coincide with the dragon Toothless from the Movie "How to Train Your Dragon"  and it was a pretty quick job.  I decided to paint the scales with a gloss varnish to add protection to the model as its all metal. The wings and bottom scales were unvarnished. Its an odd model with the head turned to one side but I think it looks better then most fantasy Dragons, more probable as far as fantastical flying giant lizards go!


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