Monday, April 18, 2011

Ancient Germans - Day 5: The Horde Grows

Hey Folks,

Have just finished two more Warband units for the Germans:
 The unit on the left is the Elite Warband with Spears, The Right the normal Warband.  Just realised I forgot to add a shield transfer to the Roman shield on the front base of the non-elite Warband
 And Progress: Almost finished...only another Warband (of Traitor Auxilia), Some Cavalry and the Traitor Auxilia Lanciarii (Javelin Skirmishers) and Short Bow units to go.
 And a sight that should put the bejeubus up any short arsed Roman -  The wall of German Muscle :)
Jamie has also come up with the brilliant Idea of doing Standing Stones as my "camp".  Given the time frame in which I have to build this its gold, so watch this space.



Craig C said...

They are looking awesomee!

My Celts have not had much success vs the dsciplined Romans (and their nasty pila). I hope your Germans have better luck.

A well painted force like that should create some interest in Impetus this weekend!


Jamie said...

Lol any time you need a quick and dirty suggestion to get something done for wargaming, I'm your man!

Can't argue with the short-arsed comment - but Romans are too meaqn to be scared. It's the food, did you never read Asterix?

peter said...

Very nice painted figures Jason!

Great horde!


Kruger said...

Cheers guys,

I'm hoping we can make a splash with impetus this weekend, be good to get some converts.

Romans may be mean but I have it from Tacitus that they didn't much like Germany. To deep and dark forests or wide stinking bogs, not like soft civilised Italy! Regardless of what you eat a giant musclebound blond drunkard running at you screaming has to be off putting...