Sunday, April 10, 2011

WotR Battle Report - The Hungriest Dragon

Hey Folks,

Jamie and I played this game of War of the Ring last week, where I unleashed my new Ancient Dragon in its inaugural feast.

I had a Misty Mountains list with:
  • Druzhag
  • 6 Coy of Dirty, Dirty Black Shields
  • 4 Coy of Moria Archers
  • 6 Coy of Giant Spiders
  • Ancient Dragon
Jamie ran a Warrior heavy Minas Tirith list that had (IIRC)
  • Aragorn the King
  • Elphar (Isildur)
  • Faramir
  • 2 * 4 Coy Warriors
  • 2 * 3 Coy of Axeman of Lossnarch
  • 3 * 3 Coy Knights
So a little bit different, with MSU knights to cause lots of mayhem.

Below is a picture just after the first turn, where Jamie's Right Flank has rushed forward led by Aragorn and is busy mashing up the Black Shields. Meanwhile the Dragon and Druzhag (with Spiders) have moved up to burn and cast lots of Ruin spells at the wall of Warriors of Minas Tirith in front of them.

Now I have managed to skip forward a few turns as some of the photo's didn't come out right.  Basically Aragorn and Friends have mashed the Black Shield Goblins while Druzhag and the Spiders wiped out the Warriors in front of them and then Thunderous Charged into the flank of a unit of Cavalry smashing them to a paste.  Meanwhile the Dragon has leaped over the Warriors, Tremored the Axemen and Cavalry, survived a Challenge and then proceeded to eat lots of Axemen before hoping over them to complete the job.
The Dastardly Aragorn has called an Epic Challenge, and Druzhag is a moron and accepts it (IE: Failed his courage roll) and leads his Spider unit off to get killed by the King.  Meanwhile the Cav at the top of the photo flank the Archers (who have done some good work so far) and start to crush them while the Dragon finishes off the Axemen.  Summoned Spiders don't do a whole lot (as I rolled up one base) but kill a few axemen from the second unit. Druzhags spells kill some of Aragorns Warriors and then Aragorn's unit gets the drop on my Spiders (eeek!) and  unsurprisingly fails to kill them all.  After this the Dragon lands near them and his spells combined with Druzhags spells wreak bloody ruin on the Warriors but Jamie pins the Dragon in place with Farimirs Cavalry (seen lurking below the house) and the other Axemen unit. The Dragon is badly wounded (as in on 12 wound counters!) but eats a heap Men.
At this point the Cavalry on the Hill have killed the Archers, The Dragon had eaten the Warriors and then leaped up the hill and roasted the Cavalry.  Faramirs Cavalry charges up the hill at the fell monstrosity but the duel fails and the beast eats them all before they can fight.
The weary bloody Dragon eyes the last remnants and wonders if he can be bothered eating them...
And decides he likes the taste of man flesh and charges in after a bit of Ruin Casting and kills them all before they can fight.
So in the end the only model standing was the badly about Epic!

Adding the Dragon surely added a distinctive element to the game, and keeping my precious Wyrm from Aragorn helped.  I'm sure the King will have a spot of Dragon Hunting next time!

So on the first day the Dragon ate some Men, and then on the next few days some more men and Horses. On the Sixth day the Dragon ate a whole lot of Men and then a King, so on the Seventh day he was full, and needed a sleep.

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