Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ancient Germans - Day 3: More Painting Madness!

Hey Folks,

I've been mighty busy over the last few days and have finished the following:

So that's 1 * Elite FL large Warband, 2 * FL Macemen, 1 * CM Cav, 3 * S Javelin, 2 * S Shortbow

So this leaves:
So 2 * Elite FL Warband, 1 * FL Warband, 1 * CM Cav, 1 * S Shortbow and 2 * S Javelin to go.  Easy (not!)

Oh and a Camp!



The Belgian, said...

Nice army and extremely good but fast painted!

Kruger said...


Its a bit quick and nasty, but I look forward to going back and touching it up and adding details like tattoos and shield designs later.

To be honest it will be nice to have a painted impetus army!