Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ancient Germans - Painting Madness!

Hey Folks,

Given the sad demise of War of the Ring at Natcon due to lack of numbers :( Jamie and I have decided to throw a couple of Impetus Demo games to get the game out into the public eye.

Problem is that this will be in 9-10 days and I don't have a painted army!  Jamie's "Painting Service" has worked very hard and his Romans are almost ready to rumble by my Germans are along way from done.

So the Challenge is to paint a 400pt, 2 command German army by Natcon.  Easy (eeek!)

The army will consist of;
  • 4 Large Warband Units of FL Elite German Chuersci Warriors with Spears (Including a Traitor Auxillary Unit)
  • 2 Large Warband Units of FL German Chuersci Warriors
  • 2 Warband Units of FL Macemen
  • 3 Units of CM Cavalry with Hundreds
  • 6 Units of S Javelin Men (Including 2 Traitor Lanciarii)
  • 3 Units of S Traitor Short Bow
I only have 300 points of Germans so drafted all my Roman Auxiliaries in as turncoats. I figured they would have been an Allied German Tribe anyway who have returned to their roots and now fight the good fight against the hobnailed sandal of Roman oppression.

So far progress looks like this:
  •  1 * Elite Warband, 1 * Warband, 1 * S Javelin, 1 * CM Cavalry unit Painted
And on the painting table:
  • 2 * S Bow Painted but need to have the basing done. 
  • 1 * S Javelin, 1 * Macemen base painted and washed to be finished tonight.
  • 2 * Cav, 2 * S Javelin, 1 * Macemen base coated Leather Brown
  • The rest undercoated black....
So I have a we tad of work ahead.  Watch this space. (oh and just realised I need to build a camp!)



Jamie said...


A camp.

Forgot about that.

I had to paint my own Sarmatians as well! Lets hope the Cav from Maelstrom is properly prompt.

Mark Gagnon said...

Oh, man, what a great job... Very animated and very well painted...

The Belgian, said...

Awesome I really love your paintingstyle and basing method!

I've added your blog to my bloglist so keep those barbarians coming!


Kruger said...


my painting style is relatively quick and dirty, with just a block colour, wash with GW sepia ink and a one or two stage highlight. I can get away with this with the Germans I feel as they are supposed to be dour and dark.

I've finished the first maceman unit as well as some javelin dudes and have painted the base of the two painted archers. Now I just have to flock them and crack into the next warband.


Craig C said...

Which day are you looking at doing your demo? I might be able to pop up, bringing some reinforcements if needed. In fact maybe Kent and I could bring up some Crusaders for a demo game too

Possibly Friday or Saturday?