Friday, April 29, 2011

The Dangers of Historical Gaming

Hi Folks,

I've been pondering what to do as my next Impetus army, and I have found out that one of the dangerous traps of this historical war gaming lark is that there is just so much history!

From biblical chariot races to massed legions and the push of pike there are so many different periods that Impetus can cater too, and so many new 28mm Plastics coming out that the aspiring historical gamer is literally spoilt by (not for) choice.   I can see the slippery slope that is a magpie like collection and the eventual fiscal madness of collecting entirely metal armies...

So given I tend to suffer from spontaneous army buying I have decided I need a few rules:

  1. No more the two armies per period, and if two preferably "adversary armies".  For Ancients this means I have my Romans and my Germans.  I am sorely tempted by Palmyra, Dacians and Sassinids but have to draw the line somewhere!
  2. Max size of Army to be 500pts.  Armies larger then this cant really be used on a 6' by 4' table anyway, even with our 8cm frontage, and should contain all the options I want regardless
  3. Finish at least 300pts of one army BEFORE starting the next - or they wont get finished!
And if I stick to this, I shouldnt go mad, or be buried under a mountain of unpainted plastic and metal and may even finish the odd army!


I'm sorted for Ancients but alot of people seem to be getting into their Dark Ages armies.  I'm thinking:

Normans seem like my sort of army, brutish and unenlightened (compared to the Saxons anyway!) but undeniably effective :P Plus they should be able to take on Jamie's Viking's on even terms, even with their Shieldwall in place. 

After a bit of list frothing I reckon I will work towards getting the first 300pts soonish.  I thinking;
  • Fair General
  • 1 CP Milites Upgraded (VBU7) General unit
  • 5 CP Milites (Mounted Norman Knights)
  • 2 CL Breton light cavalry units with Javelins
  • 1 CL Mounted Crossbow unit
  • 3 FP Heavy Infantry (Norman Spearmen)
  • 1 T Crossbow unit
  • 1 S Upgraded (VBU3) Breton Javelin unit
  • 1 S Breton Javelin unit
This is 300pts on the dot and VDT 30!  The FP Heavy Infantry are VD2 for 12pts (because they are crap) but they add alot to the Breakpoint for very little cost so should help keep the army on the field after the inevitable casualties when the Knights rampage out of control.

War and Peace Games has lots of Normans and are just over the ditch in Australia so postage shouldn't be too bad (though Malestrom has spoiled this with free postage worldwide, so I resent paying ANY postage now!) so it shouldn't be too long before I can afford to the army.  The Crusader Miniatures models look very well done, though the proof will be in the painting!

Watch this space!



Craig C said...

The Conquest Normans are nice figures and very reasonable.

My infantry are Crusader and I do like them. The Perry's Kent uses are suitble for Normans ut aren't as chunky as Crusader.

I like your ideas- the proof will be in keeping to it. 300 pt armies aren't too dear pricewise- even with metals. For me the key is to try to grow armies on 200-300 pt chunks (commnds) and when possible armies that are compatible or smaller forces to ally with bigger ones- I'm just starting a 200pt Armenien allies command for our Crusades project.

My own Dark Ages project has 6x 300 pt armies as I intend to run campaign and wanted 6 armies for it!

Good luck, I look forwrd to seeig this project unfold


Jamie said...

Hehe, I knew the completed Vikings, and other hints would prod you!

Remember though - counting 'ancients' as a period is cheating. You are going to need to come up with something new to take on the Hellenistic Phalanx (whenever I figure out exactly which I am modelling.)

I've been wanting to do a Dark Ages campagin up here too, Craig. I tried working on Stepehn S via the possibility of skirmish, but hopefully he gets inspired to actually paint up his Normans for Impetus, and we can do that. The period has three good plastics sets (as well as two more poor ones) to support it.

bikewrench said...

This project sounds cool as well as the Anchients!
Blogger has been messing with me and won't let me post here or on Jason's blog.

Kruger said...

Hmm Bloger's anti-spam verification can be an ass if the internet connection is crap. Pity the connection is crap so often in Christchurch so often, but I guess thats to be expected!

Dont lead me unto temptation already Craig! Just another 200pts is too easy to say...

As for something to face your Phalginites, erm, more Phalginites Jamie? Untill someone does Persians or Pontus

Stepehn S has emailed me and said that Warlord do free postage on plastics, and convienantly sell the plastic Normans so I might order from them.

bikewrench said...

I was trying to post on either of your blogs so I got confused obviously.
But yeah my internetz haz been bitchy for weeks, go figure.