Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Project: BFG Star Wars

Hey Folks,

As you may a have seen on Jamies blog we are getting into starship fleet battles using the Battle Fleet Gothic (BFG) rules.  As Jamie called dibs on the Brigade Games "I cant beleive its not a Republic Venator Class crusier"  I thought why not just play Star Wars: Clone Wars as our setting.

Jamie is running the Republic as the BFG Chaos Fleet list as it best suits the Republic ships while I will be running the Confederation of Independent Systems (CIS, but more commonly known as the "Separatist's") Fleet in an attempt to stop the obvious military oppression and aggression of the Republic under Chancellor Palpatine.

This decision had led to many hours trawling through the web looking at model ships to get something that fits the Separatist style.  While I was trawling I first hit upon the Spartan Games release: Firestorm Armada and was in particular taken with this:
Tarakian CruisersTarakian Battleship
Which I thought looked pretty cool, and seeing as Maelstrom had an Easter sale on and I had a bit of money back sitting in my account I promptly ordered a pack of Cruisers and a Battleship.  I was going to use them as Techno Union Bulwark Class ships as per my new favourite wiki: Wookiepedia

One thing I did find was that there is a MASSIVE amount of Starship models out there, and they are all (mostly) reasonably priced.  One problem was that alot of manufacturers didn't specify the actual sizes of the models so a bit of guessing, or an email to the manufacturer was in order.

I came across a couple of model lines I liked, but needed more info on so I emailed them.  I didn't really expect a reply but I was blown away with how quick, and how helpful these people were!  The first one I contacted was Todd from Ninja Magic re sizes and he was really helpful.  They make cool ships like this:
Which I thought looked pretty cool.

Now another line I came across was Cold Navy which has had its miniatures line taken over by Ravenstar (Chris is his name I think) who has his own Blog: with lots of cool toys.  The ships are quite reasonably priced and he sent me a heap of photos too:

Very nice models, I like the Homeworld style look and they would be PERFECT for BFG, however, then I found this site: Odyssey Slipways Star Wars Ships and I was immediately sold!

We are going with the 1:10,000 scale ships.  From what I can gather its an old, old line gradually selling out and as Jamie and I looked at things gradually went out of stock. So we made a decision, funds were raised and I placed an order tonight for a large chunk of the remaining range that they had.

Basically we figured (roughly) out how the classes would align based on the models:
  • 11+ cm long = Battleships: Bigger Imperial Star Destroyers and Mon Calamari Star Crusiers
  • 9 to 11cm = Grand Cruisers/ Battle Crusiers: Smaller ISD's and Mon Cal SC's
  • 6 to 9 cm = Cruisers: Small ISD's like the Interdictor, Dreadnoughts and Assault Frigates
  • 4 -5 cm =Light Cruisers: Various lighter classes
  • less then 4 cm = Escorts: Nebulon B Frigates, Corellian Gunships etc
Based on this we worked out Fleets.  The Imperials will be using the Imperial Navy (Battlefleet Obscura) list while the Rebels will be using the Chaos fleet list.  This seems to be the best mix of models to ships and what they should do.

I really, really cant wait for my ships to turn up!  This is going to be super fun :)


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