Sunday, May 15, 2011

BFG: Star Wars Rebel Fleet Sorted!

Hey Folks,

I've sorted my valiant Rebel Alliance Fleet for our BFG: Star Wars Project.  Jamie is sorted as well it seems and now all we are waiting on is our toy ships to turn up (and on of the suppliers to email us with the shipping cost) before we can crack into some epic Star Wars action.

We were entirely too quiet at work today so I managed to format up the below Fleet Registry:
I found the BFG Excel file somewhere online and modified it to fit my idea of Star Wars.  Note that in the Registry I have renamed the weapons to make them more "Star Wars-ey" So;
  • "Turbolasers" are shorter ranged (30cm) Weapons Batteries
  • "Heavy Turbolasers" are long range Weapons Batteries
  • "Ion Cannons" are Lances
  • "Concussion Missiles" are Torpedo's
I have also renamed all the classes after much research on Wookiepedia but they correspond exactly to the actual Chaos ship classes I have substiuted in. In the end the fleet is;
  • Mon Calamari MC80 "Liberty" Class Star Cruiser (Despoiler class Battleship)
  • Mon Calamari MC80 Class Star Cruiser (Retaliator class Grand Cruiser)
  • 2 * Assault Frigates (Slaughter class Cruisers)
  • Republic Dreadnought (Carnage class Cruiser)
  • Captured Imperial Escort Carrier (Devastation class Cruiser)
  • 5 Nebulon-B Frigates (Infidel Raiders)
  • 4 Corellian Corvettes (Iconoclast Destroyers)
Which works out to be around 1750pts.  Jamie will have two Star Destroyers (Emperor Battleships!) so I could find it pretty hard to fight my way through the swarms of TIE Fighters and TIE Bombers - Just as it should be!

Enthusiasm level is Super High. :)



mrborges said...

Absolutely fantastic!
After a few more months of Warhammer Fantasy I was considering getting into a space combat game. Tossing around the idea of B5: ACTA (love the game, the show and the ships) or BFG. This being both BFG AND Star Wars...I love it. Might be the way to go :)

Kruger said...

Cheers mrborges,

Oddly enough we have been playing alot of Historical games like Impetus and Flames fo War and just sort of stumbled into playing BFG. It was one of those "wouldnt it be cool..." conversations that snow balled!

I have never played A Call to Arms and somehow managed to miss the whole B5 second season onwards (so when it got really cool apparently) Unfortunantly I think the B5 range is now End of Line and unsupported by Mongoose due to the license expiring.

We found the same problem with Star Wars in that only Odyessy Slipways had decent models, but are pricey and quite limited in selection. Though we havnt quite cleaned them out so there is a bit left there. Otherwise there are plenty of "alt" models like Jamies crusiers from Brigade Games.

Good luck on choosing a game!