Wednesday, May 18, 2011

BFG: Star Wars - New Fighter, Bomber and Attack Craft Counters

Hey Folks,

Quick post.  I was quiet at work today so did these up:

These are 20mm by 20mm, same as the BFG fighter icons (IIRC, and I hope I do!).  They are Icons I have ripped of the net and plugged into Publisher.  I then used the "fill effects" to plug in the star field background to varying degrees of success.  I have tried to stick with the same ratios as BFG with 5 craft to a  fighter squadron, 4 for bombers, and 3 for assault boats. I plan to stick them to black card stock and cut them out.

The Rebels get 16 Y-Wings for Bombers, 16 A-Wings as Fighters, 8 B-Wings as Assault Boats and 8 X-Wings as "Resilient" Fighters

The Imperials get 16 TIE Fighters, 16 TIE Bombers, 8 "Lambda" Class Assault Boats and 8 Tie Interceptors as "Resilient" Fighters.

Feel free to print the photo above (click on it for full size) for your own added Star Wars flavour counters.



Jamie said...

They look cool. One 'geeky' point: I would not class a Tie-Interceptor as a 'resiliant' fighter. Faster, more guns, better turn, but not any tougher. Tie-defenders and Tie-advanced on the other hand...

By the way, the first wave of ships (Brigade) has apparantly arrived!


Kruger said...

I couldn't find a good image of a tie defender, lets just say the interceptor gets the save because they are awesome at dog fighting.

Yay for ships arriving!

The Angry Lurker said...

Thanks for that.