Monday, May 23, 2011

BFG: Star Wars - Massive Haulage, Roids and Passing Gas Clouds?

Hey Folks,

In a final flurry of work I have finished off the Space Table and converted up some Merchant ships.

First up the complete table;

Completed Space Table
I have added individual stars to the table now as it seemed a bit "bland".  This was done with a BBQ skewer by just dipping it in white paint and dotting it on the board.  I also used the end for a few larger stars.

I also did up two "area terrain" style asteroid fields.  These are simply polystyrene covered in glue and then stuck to GW flying stands glued to holes drilled in the MDF base.
Looking towards the Gas Giant through an asteroid field

The other asteroid field.
 My Gas Fields.  These are made from the blue wool my wife gave me.  I just sprayed this with white and red spray paint and teased them out over steams glued into the MDF as per the roid fields.
Gas Field
 The first of my Merchant ships, docked at the Station.  The colour scheme was chosen by my wife and in hindsight I should have painted them different colours but oh well. They must all just be from the same line or something.  I chose to paint them quite "dirty" as I reckon Merchant ships wouldn't be spick and span!  These ships are from the Spartan Games range seen from my first BFG Star Wars post and converted slightly by sticking a BFG Plastic Imperial Cruiser on the front of them.
Taking on supplies
 I also got this massive ship, its the Tarakian Battleship turned upside down.  The cargo containers are various bits and pieces out of my bits box with most of them being 40k ammo containers.  I added the BFG Cruiser Bridge to the front of this one and it gives a good indication of the scale.  Its 15cm long, so much longer then Jamie's Imperial Star Destroyers.  We plan to use it for a Convoy Scenario, and there are even rules for it in the Rogue Trader PDF. It sucks :P
Big Ass Super Freighter

Dorsal View

Incoming Convoy

Longer view looking towards the Station
So all done and dusted, now I just need a fleet to fight Jamie with on it!



bikewrench said...

That looks even better. Awesome work on the conversions too they sure feel Star Wars to me.
I know a free trader or two...

Kruger said...

Cheers Adam!

If you free trader wants to pop in for a game sometime feel free!