Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BFG: Star Wars Rebel Fleet has Arrived!

Hey Folks,

My Rebel Fleet has arrived! Yay!
From left to right: Mon Cal Star Cruisers, a BFG Cruiser for scale, Assault Frigates, Dreadnought escorts in the packets and the Imperial Escort Carrier at the end

Closer shot of the bigger ships.
 Unfortunately construction has slammed to a halt due to a lack of Super Glue :(

The models are slightly smaller then GW's BFG ships but as Jamie's are much the same with his Toy ISD's and Brigade Miniature ships all is good.  One thing was I am not really going to be able to use my captured Imperial Escort Carrier as a full sized Cruiser, so we are just going to house rule that I can run it as a Defiant class Light Cruiser.  This is an Imperial Navy ship, not a Chaos fleet vessel but its really quite crap, and we did "nick' it anyway!

Jonathan is keen for a game so hopefully I will have the fleet done by next week and I think Jamie is planning to get his fleet done quickly too.  Hopefully a BFG: Star Wars battle report will be up soon!



Jamie said...

Man those models look sweet - the website didn't do them justice. That big Mon Cal cruiser in particular looks very cool.

Kruger said...

Yep the models are very well detailed for the size, the assault frigates and dread are very cool. The Mon Cal SC's are sutibly by to be battleships/ grand cruisers in our classification system.

will have to paint in the panel lines,which could take awhile, but will be worth it.

Reckon you can get yours done by Monday night?

Chris said...

Those look very sweet! I like the sortof organic-y squid-y sortof shapes, makes a really good contrast to the linear Star Destroyers!

Also, get your Napoleonic fix here...

OdysseySlipways said...

Glad you like them!

This is an Imperial Navy ship, not a Chaos fleet vessel but its really quite crap, and we did "nick' it anyway!

crap, eh? my little carrier?

have you seen i'll be releasing a Bulk Cruiser around the end of June?

glad you enjoy them as i plan to come out with some more this year (if everything goes to plan)

stefan lacy said...

Where did you get the models from?

Anonymous said...

(Odyssey Slipways - me)if your asking about the SW's ships, you can get them here:

i was hoping to have had more new ones and some new replacements by now, but that all came to a halt due to a current (messed-up) Trek project

this year (for 2015) i am planing to bring back the Victory's, possibly the Allegiance SSD and maybe a SD or two and a few other smaller ships