Saturday, May 28, 2011

BFG: Star Wars Rebel Fleet Completed

Hey Folks,

Finished the Rebel Fleet :)

Unfortunately my "Matt" Varnish wasn't so Matt after all, and there is a bit of a shine on the models.  It also munted my careful panel highlighting and darkened the models somewhat :(  I have given them a bit of a dry brush but I will have to look for another varnish that's actually Matt, like Testors Dullcoat maybe.

Other then that, I think they came up ok;
The completed Rebel Fleet

Temporary bases look crap, but will soon be fixed

A screen of Escorts protects the Capital Ships

Mon Calamari MC80 (Wingless) Star Cruiser "Reef Home" - Counts as a Retaliator Class Grand Cruiser

Mon Calamari MC80 Liberty class Star Cruiser "Independence" - Counts as a Despoiler Class Battleship

Rear view of the Star Cruisers.  The panel lines are done with Mica pen then different panels are painted either tan/ a orange mix, stone gray or medium sea gray.

The Cruiser backbone of the Fleet: the Assault Frigates "Haven" and "Tyrants Bane" (Slaughter class) and the Old Republic Dreadnought "Indomitable" (Carnage class)

Captured Imperial Escort Carrier with prominent Rebel Symbol :)  In game terms its an Imperial Defiant Class light cruiser.

Escorts: Nebulon B and B2 (the ones with the split front "sails") Escort Frigates.  These count as Infidel class Raiders

The bottom Frigate is the Nebulon B2, a slightly improved version on the Nebulon B

Tiny Escorts: Corellian Corvettes.  These are actually the slightly larger "carrier" Corvette that could carry a starfighter squadron in the launch bays along the sides.  I chose these instead of actual Blockade Runners as the  Blockade Runner Corvettes were even smaller, and the Gunships even tinier. These count as Iconoclast Destroyers

Apparently one of these has Princess Leia on it according to my Son, a Subplot perhaps? :)

So all done and good to go for our Inaugural BFG Game tomorrow night.  I'm looking forward to seeing how they fair vs Jamie's Imperials.

We are going to run a Campaign straight of the bat I think so now all I need to do it make up a Star Wars-ey Sector Map.



Jamie said...

Nice work - I can tell you now, mine aren't going to look THAT good.

I think I have a very efficient system though. Just up to brief highlights, sometime after all the family stuff today but before the marking. Sigh.

Can't wait to crush those rebel scum.


Kruger said...

Cheers Jamie,

Im sure your Imperial lap dogs will look great too. Im also sure there will be no crushing of the Rebels!


SoSPill said...

Nice fleet. Better looking than the real BFG stuff. I've never particularly liked gothic spaceships. Looking forward to the batrep.