Friday, May 20, 2011

BFG: Star Wars - New Space Table

Hey Folks,

Been busy working on this:
A new table for Jamie and I (and perhaps others) to play our BFG: Star Wars on.  Its 3mm MDF spray painted black mostly with red and white spray for the nebula/ star effects.  If you look at the closer shots below the single stars were achieved by just spraying the can from about half a meter above the board - large drops and a light mist hit the board.  Beats painting individual stars!

Now I also have made a Gas Giant and a small Volcanic Moon.  These are Polystyrene balls I got from Spotlight's Craft section ages ago (like 4 years) and they are a bit beat up so I might replace them.  The moon looks OK I think as its supposed to be craggy-ish but the Planet really needs to be smooth.  I did try painting them with PVA first but it didn't quite seal as well as I would have hoped.

Oh well on to the fun stuff: Space Stations.  Its been awhile since I have had a good conversion spree and I had a heap of fun making this;
 The reason to fight over this system - A small Station, Repair Dock and Refuelling Depot with guardian weapons platforms
 Close up of "Rouge VII" :)  It was supposed to be be "Rogue VII" which sounds way cooler but I brain farted and spelt it wrong lol.  Lets just say it used to be a Brothel...its also more Red then Orange, but my camera does strange things so calling it Rouge is not terribly inaccurate!  Its built from my bits box with some GW Tau vehicle bits, a GW Leman Russ tank turret (upside down) and a generous sprinkling of my left over BFG bits from when I had my old fleets.
Shot of a Weapons Orbital.  This is a GW Tau Drone stuck to the base of a GW Cities of Death terrain lamppost.  On behind it is the Fuel Depot made from more GW bits and a fuel depot construction kit I had left over bits from.
The Repair Dock.  Made from a plastic walkway section with BFG bits fro flavour and the sides of an model railway bridge.
And next to my Volcanic Moon the Hyperspace Comm's Relay station.  Lots of Tau bits so it looks quite high tech.

Next up I am going to make some area terrain style Asteroid and Gas Fields.  The roids will be the usually hunks of polystyrene dipped in sand but the gas fields will be a bit different.  My wife gave me a whole lot of bright blue wool she picked up at an Op Shop:
So I will see how this works out.

I had the Noble Armada Ships I was talking about earlier turn up today and the Battleship is freaking massive, its like 15cm+ long.  I'm going to turn it into a Super Freighter and the Cruisers (about 5cm long) into Merchant Freighters.  We can use them for scenarios or I can add them to my station for added flavour.  Hmm, I may have to make a Cargo Dock at some point!

Cant wait for my actual Fleet to turn up though, so I can put the table to use!



Jamie said...

That table is fricken awesome!

Ship number one is pretty much painted and Josh agrees that it is a Republic cruiser (I figured the Empire would just get rid of the old markings but not repaint the whole ship!). Pondering whether I can be bothered making up some 'magic wash'. I guess I'll probably be lazy, let them get chipped, fix them up, then apply the wash.

bikewrench said...

Wow Jason, that is Mega-City cool!