Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Epic Armageddon: Completely off on another Tangent...

Hey Folks,

As I was rummaging round in my Bits Boxes for stuff for the BFG: Star Wars project I stumbled across a whole lot of plastic Epic 40k Orks an old mate of mine had given me.

Score I thought, I wonder how these work?  Que discussion on the South Island Wargaming Forums, some advice from the helpful local Epic fans and I was sold (again).  Turns out I have enough for a 2000pt army which is a bit small but should be an ok start.  My Wife just rolled her eyes when she saw I was onto yet another project...

Epic Armageddon is a Games Workshop Specialist game set in the Warhammer 40k setting.  It is a 6mm scale Grand Tactical combat game with masses of troops, tanks and even giant Titans: massive walking machines of death capable of destroying whole armies.  The game focuses more on objective based missions and the interactions between combined arms formations then wholesale slaughter so IMO its much better then its 28mm cousin!

Mark posted up a cool picture of a converted Mekboy Supa Stompa (sort of a 5 story tall Orky walker thing) so I thought I would try my had at one;
Mekboy Bork da Builda's prize kreation
 Its built entirely out of my bits box, mostly from bits and pieces left over from my old Warhammer 40k Ork army as well as a few bits harvested from an Epic Battlewagon and a plastic Stompa's head and gun.
Supa Killy Titan wreaking Buzz Saw

Arm and Shoulder mounted Soopagunz
 It probably needs a bit of gap filling and, the eternal bane of any ork scratch build, more rivets :(

Its all boring grey plastic now, but its a start!
The start of the Horde

The Supa Stompa and friends to give you and idea of scale: and this is a small War Machine!
Now I have seen this done before, but my Son has a really cool die cast Thunderbird 2 model - and he very kindly let me have it to turn into an Ork Landa (Orbital Dropship) as long as ownership remained joint!
FAB Gazgkhull: Thunder Orks are Go!

Its really too big, but too cool not to use!
I think I am going to chop the wings off and add some scale additions like gun turrets and rokkits and the like.

Its a start, and its keeping me occupied until my Star Wars Rebel Fleet turns up but should be fun.  I had alot of fun converting the Supa Stompa - I had forgotten how much I like converting Sci-fi vehicles.  I just don't get a chance with all the historical stuff I have been playing recently.


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