Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ancient Germans - First Cavalry and Javelinmen

Hey Folks,

Further German Warriors have answered the call to arms to repel the Roman Invader: Some Cavalry and some Javelin Men.

Alas the last game played resulted in a resounding defeat by the scum and traitor Auxiliaries of Rome. But the Forests of Germany are deep and dark, and many warriors have yet to face the Romans...

Getting there...

Next up a non-elite Warband of lesser warriors, I'll have to work fast to keep up with Jamie's Wife as she paints his Romans!

Once Jamie has more of his boys based and undercoated I will do a Battle Report of the game.



Jamie said...

Pfft 'based and undercoated', my painting department was waiting for you to catch up in terms of fig count painted :P

Anyway, most of my lines are a blur of vicious action (or random running about, in the case of the Sarmatians), it is only the last-line legionaries that have time to stand about and pose for photos.

Maybe we should try playing one of the many games where we do have painted figs, if you would like to take photos?

Paul´s Bods said...

Looking good. I like the dapple on the horse.

Kruger said...

Cheers Paul, my wife chose the colours for the horses. My daughter wanted a pink one, and was most disappointed when I said that my little pony wasn't real!

And I'm still waiting on the last "painted" battle report jamie! :)

Jamie said...

Dmanitt, walked right into that one! Hmm, since I am essentially Josh's pillow atm I should probably get on to that.

I will have to show that horse to the chief horse painter (I do at least do my horse riders!) - I can sympathise with colour schemes decided by committee - there is a real push for purple to be the overall default colour in my lot and she really perked up when I said that some texts actually do suggest that Pink might not be the most unrealistic shade ever.