Friday, March 25, 2011

Ancient Germans - First Painted Warband

Hey Folks,

Got the first Warband finished today, ready to take some Roman heads :P

I'm reasonably happy with them overall but I'm not happy with the skin tones. I've never really had to paint such large areas of pale skin tone before and it took a lot of layers and tinkering to get it "OK". I think the problem is I started with two dark a base shade so will start by painting a light brown shade and work up. At least that's what my Wife reckons. Pity she wont paint my armies like Jamie's Wife does!

First up I tried my hand a few Tattoo's. There is some supporting histories that the Germans did tattoo, but not as extensively as the Celts. I went for basic shapes with armbands and this Raven
Ive tried to keep the colour palette a bit more subdued then the Celts would be, so have staid away from Yellows, Reds and Oranges and stuck with the colder Blues, Greens, Browns and Greys.  After watching Spartacus I had to add the odd blood splatter in a Dark Red too some of the weapons and fists, but I have really tried to not over do it as this is so easily done!

Next up some Skirmishers I think.



Paul´s Bods said...

Blimey!!, that was quick!!!! They look great...the tattoo on the guys back...!!! Nice detail. I´m still trying to work out how you painted them as they are...:-D

Kruger said...

Hi Paul,

I've had this week off work so got some painting done during the day.

There is quite a bit of space between the models so its not too hard to get the brush in. I'm not going to pull that trick off with my Romans on our new 8cm * 5cm FP bases though so will have to paint, then base.

Got too do a bit of research on the tattoos (perhaps a more norse look?) and also on different shield designs. Blank Shields are a bit boring!


Craig C said...

They look great Jason- love the tatoo and the bases look fantastic!

The whole force is going to great!

I like the skin tones!


Jamie said...

I can see it now Jason, I will have two stock phrases all game - first: "Steady, steady, waaiiit for it." for the Sarmatian Lancers and second: "Where are those Longspear armed bases again?"

It is going to be just like FOW and flamethrowers lol

I really like those tatoos. Bastard :) now I will have to do them! Nice work on the troops.

Kruger said...

Cheers :)

Im almost thinking a couple of T Shortbow A units could be handy Jamie...and the answer to your second comment is Everywhere muhahaha (almost)

Imepteous CP could be a problem with a wall of Spears to the front!. Just leave them on opportunity all game?

Working on a base of Skirmasher tonight. Tomorrow some Cavalry. Should have hopefully 3 units for the TMG. I assume we are playing Impetus?


peter said...

Everything looks just how it has to be. Great painted figures and I also love the bases! ;-)