Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ancient Germans - WIP

Hey Folks,

Its been a while since the last update as its been "hard" to do anything really at the moment. I'm sure I'm not alone in Christchurch in that I seem to be tired all the time!

I have managed to get some games in with Jamie though, with my Romans losing to his "Caledonians", My Isengard crushing his Dunlendings and the Ancient Germans crushing (twice!) HIS New Romans

Due to Craig converting us to his basing system I had based most of my Germans on standard Impetus 12cm * 6cm bases so ended up with a big bruise on my palm from digging the models out of the Liquid Nails I had based them with.  It was worth it though as the two games Jamie and I played with the Germans vs his Romans were much better as we had more room to manoeuvre and tended to avoid the traffic jams we got with full sized bases.

I took the opportunity of the re base to make FL "large unit" sized bases of 8cm frontage by 12cm depth.  I then arraigned the models in the classic "boars head" wedge like formation on this big base.  It's a tad unwieldy and does have the limitation that when the rear "base" dies you still have the massive footprint but I think the aesthetics make up for it. I also save a bucket load of models as I end up with 10 models to a large warband now whereas previously it was 15!

So with the new basing system I have managed to stretch my two boxes of Infantry and one box of Cavalry out to a full 300pts Impetus army consisting off;
  • 3 CM German Cavalry Units with "Hundreds" (skirmishing javelin men)
  • 3 FL Elite Cherusci Large Warbands
  • 2 FL Cherusci Large Warbands
  • 2 FL Macemen Warbands (Impetus 5!)
  • 4 S Javelin Men
To take it to 400 points I just add one more box with will get me another FL Elite Warband, FL Macemen,, and 2-3 S Javelin Men

So from let to right and top to bottom: Warbands, Cav mixed with Macemen and Skirmishing Javelin men
Cavalry with Hundreds

Got these undercoated today. Let the painting Commence!



Jamie said...

Batrep (pics) or it never happened! :P

I like the ratios, Jason. Three Cav is too few for CM IMO but the skirmisher figs make up for this.

In a matter totally unrelated to what was probably some German's 'tall-tale' around the campfire (before they marched off to their death vs the Romans): I am currently fishing around for a reasonable postage deal on Roman/Sarmatian Cataphracts. That's the ticket.

Craig C said...

wow! they will look fantastic and will look even better once painted. A painted force like that is bound to create interest in Impetus at the Cavs!

I was starting to worry the damage was insurmountable but glad to see you now back updating your blog!

I am torn between 3-4 Cav per base. 4 does look better but also adds a lot more cost for no gain in game terms (apart from Asethics)

I rebased my Normans on 4 per stand he other night but Kent has decided 3 will be it for him so may end up changing back again although I am temtped to keep to 4 figures for CP bases and 3 for medium Cav (CM)

Look forward to seeing progress on this force


Kruger said...

Hi Craig and Jamie,

Cheers. I am thinking for Cav i will go;
CP = 4 models
CM = 3 models
CL = 2 models

All on 8cmm * 7cm bases.

I've started painting the first warband so that i can documents victorious battle without the "black stealth Germans" comments lol. Once we have painted armies I'll be keen as to play at tge club.

If you do hunt down SIM clibinarii/ sarmations let me know Jamie, I'll chip in for a base or two worth.

Jamie said...

Hi Jason, just checked out &

I think that anada have the Specific Sarmatians I want (and cheaper!) but I like GBs Roman Cats too and they have a very reasonable listed postage. aanda do the passive agressive thing with their postage and do not even quote when you place the order, losers lol I guess I should just be happy they have pics and allow me to use my CC, by the dark ages standards of many wargames suppliers!

Have a look at both ranges and let me know what you think.


Craig C said...

My Sassanids are A&A- very nice figures but I''m also a fan of Gripping Beast ranges.

From memory postage ofrm A&A wasn't too bad either.


peter said...

That are some nice conversions!

Do I see it right. You base your figures before painting?


Paul´s Bods said...

Bad one with the earthquake...
The formation look great...but like base before you paint?. How do you then paint them??? looks difficult from here.

Jamie said...

I think I am going to spread my figs further with Sarmatian CP - since I look foward to one day having a glorious full army of them!

I'd still be inclined to field Roman CP (ie Cats) in 4s, since they are just one of those troops that seemed to operate as a block like that. It is handy that GB have the Roman Cats I like best... in packs of 4, while A&A have the Sarmatians in threes!

And to the posters above, yes he is mad. My wife would never agree to paint my figs if I based them first :P

Kruger said...

Hey folks,

Yes I always base before I paint. Its mildly annoying sometimes but mostly not a major. I paint for effect anyway (you'll see what I mean later) and I'm actually pretty lazy!

The GB cataphractarii with kontos look just the ticket for my Romans. Sarmatians look cool, I regret not ordering Dacians now!

Back to painting the warband. :D