Saturday, February 26, 2011

Earthquakes and Impetus Early Imperial Romans - Progress of a Sort

Hey Folks,

Thankfully my family and I have survived the Earthquake relatively unscathed. Our house is fine and we have power and low pressure cold water, though no hot water as yet. The kids are well and are treating the lack of school like a holiday, it amazes me how resilient they are. Compared to many, and especially those who have lost loved ones or houses (like my bother and sister in law) we are very, very lucky.

My work is buggered. I manage the Vodafone store at the Palms and the mall is currently deemed "unsafe"  We hopefully might be able to get stock and that out on Tuesday if we are lucky but we will be looking for an alternative location until the mall is repaired, however long that might be. 

Alas my model collection was not so lucky:

So that's all my War of the Ring and most of my Flames of War models in broken heaps on the ground. I'm not actually that sad, compared to those who lost their lives it seems a petty thing to be concerned about! Hopefully insurance should cover some of it. The Flames of War Russian army was worth over $1000 alone...

One thing that has been good as in between taking things to people and looking after our "old nana" (who is 87, stubborn and wont move from New Brighton even though she doesn't have power or water!) I have had a bit of time to work on the Impetus Romans.

The quake claimed the converted Equites Alares and they were smashed beyond redemption. The rest of them fared better though so I have made up some more MDF bases and got most of the 400 points army based. So far its:
  • Two Generals
  • 3 Units of Veteran FP Legionaries
  • 3 Units of FP Legionaries
  • 3 Units of FP Praetorians (either Regular or Raw Legionaries)
  • 2 Units of FL Auxiliaries
  • 1 Unit of T Sagitarii
  • 1 Unit of S Sagitarii
  • 1 Unit of ART Ballistae
So I just have the Cavalry to replace and I thinking of ordering these

Here are some pictures of my lads "in the black"
And one way to keep the kids entertained: My five year old son painting his Moria Goblins for War of the Ring - Got to get that war gaming hobby in young!



Anonymous said...

Jason, that is absolutely heart-breaking (though, as you say, you do have to put it into perspective so far as your family and home are concerned).

Roly (aka 'Arteis' on TMP) from Wellington, where The Big One was supposed to have come.

Kruger said...

Hi Roly,

Thanks for that. Yeah its pretty stink but as we got off so lightly in all other aspects some broken toys are not that much of an issue.

Having said that its all still on a heap on my floor. I cant bring myself to get in there and clean it up yet :(

Wellington sure did dodge the bullet this time!

bikewrench said...

I had a post here I thought.
Good news about your family! Too bad about the toy soldiers.
Anyhoo you're BI stuff looks interesting, maybe once I figure out how to play FoW I'll be down for some anchients in 28mm!

Kruger said...

Hi Adam,

I will happily tempt you with my "ancients crack" :P

Once my Germans turn up I will get them sorted and come round/ you come here for a demo game as club might be shut for awhile.

Its even pre approved - your wife was in at my temporary work today and suggested we should get some wargaming going on to help relieve stress!


Craig C said...

Hey Jas- what a mess!

The Romans are going to look fantastic though- almost enough to tempt me to use "offical" basing


Allan and Carmen said...

Hi Guys,

I hate what has happened to you guys over there with the Earthquakes. It seems to be the year of natural disasters for everyone. I am glad to hear you guys got off lightly but can understand how devastating it is to see all those models on the floor.

I bet it is making Army Storage cases look a little better :P

Hope you all get back up and running soon both at work and at play ;)

Best wishes,


Jamie said...

Hi Craig,

Having played 400pt Impetus on my 6'x4', I can see the attraction of your smaller bases. It is a tricky one, I personally felt that I wanted my stuff to be compatible with as many other gamers as possible. Jason has also made good use of the space on his.

I think it is something that will really 'fly' on 8'x4'at the Cavs... whenever we all are back there that is!

Jason and I will be playing 300pts next time around, which will work better on 6'x4''.

Kruger said...

Thanks Allan and Carmen,

Ive never been a fan of cases as I have always liked to have my stuff on display. Fool!

I think I will be getting cabinets with doors though now...

Very much looking forward to our 300pt game tomorrow Jamie. I have just finished building and basing to bases of S Lanciarii and a base of FL Vexallationes Lanciarii...VBU 6 Light Infantry with Pila!

300pts shouldnt be so much of a Traffic Jam!

As for the bases I had thought about this Craig. You just need to make 12cm * 6cm "Offical" bases with a 8cm * 6cm sabot to plonk your bases into. Then you could just put the odd stray model and/ or interesting terrain bits on the 2cm strips on the side. Should be good for Warband at least.