Friday, February 11, 2011

Rebasing the Romans for Impetus

Hey Folks,

I have spent tonight whipping up some MDF bases and re basing my Warlord Games Early Imperial Romans for Basic Impetus:

After much thought about the various types of sabot tray and the different basing sizes I went with the standard Impetus basing sizes;
  • Heavy Infantry (FP), Light Infantry (FL) and Missile Troops (T) on 12cm * 6cm bases
  • Cavalry (CM in my case) and Artillery (ART) on 12cm * 8cm bases

This is the Basic Impetus Vol.7 EIR List with 1* Equites Alares (CM), 3 * Legionaries (FP), 2 * Auxiliary (FL) and 1 * Auxilliary with Short Bow (A) (T).

Not pictured yet is the Carroballista on Cart as I haven't built it yet! For my General I'm just going to use my legate on 40mm base as a marker and whack him next to the unit he has joined.

I will sand and gravel the bases soon and maybe add some twigs for texture. I very much like how much better the units look with a bit of space between the models, its much more realistic then Warhammer Fantasy. As an aside by using the 12cm * 6 cm bases I can still use the army for WFB or WAB, but each base of 10 Legionaries would count as 18 models! Talk about saving on models...

Very much looking forward to my first game of Basic Impetus vs Jamie's Scot's on Tuesday night.

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Jamie said...

Good stuff. I think you made the right choice about the bases - you were probably only going to be using those guys for WHFB vs the type of guys who can handle Impetus bases anyway. My life would be easier in that regard if they just didn't want to make baroque 18cm forntage, for some reason.

I am fusriously trying to get two bases of heavy cav painted to complete the army. However, tommorrow is the FOW mini-event @ Comics, then Sunday is family outing day, then Monday night is Valentines... Well I have bases to blu-tac them to, if it comes to that ! (and it might)