Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sperr HQ & Magnetic Squad Numbering System

Hi Folks,

I have been busy on a "Secret Project" for War of the Ring so have not done a whole lot of work on the Sperrverband this week. I have managed to finish the Hauptmen and his 2iC though so I can now feild a legal, painted army.

I had my first game with my painted units (about 750pts) vs Stephens Confident Trained Canadians last Thursday. We played the standard 600pt misson with a single objective centrally that goes "live" on turn 6.

I didnt take any pics sadly but I had the Sperr HQ, Full Sperr Pioners, Sperr Infantry Platoon with 2 HMG's, 2 Mortars and 3 StuG's. Stepehn had HQ, 2 full Rifle Platoons, a Carrier Patroll festooned with MG's and 3 Shermans and a Firefly.

It started badly when Stephens UC's recced up and shot down 3 Pioneer Teams but then my StuG's got the drop on the Shermans and won that exchange. The Sperr Infantry managed to get their HMG's into a building and that combined with deadly accurate fire from the two tube Mortar platoon managed to wear the Canucks down untill eventually they broke through Compnay morale. It was an intersting game as there wasnt a single assualt, but alot of close range shooting. Stephen got unlucky though as I was on the wire at one point and had to make 5+ morale rolls for both the Sperr Infantry and Pioneers in one phase...if they had of run it would have beeb game over.

I'm liking how they play, but will have to be more cautious when advancing and look for covered approach routes.

Now below is my "Magnetic Modular Numbering System" that I am working on. Basicly I have found a German Cross on the web and then used Publisher to put in squad numbers/ names on them. They are then cut out and stuck to some adhesive backed magnets I found in a 1-8 Dollar shop.

They dont magnetize well to the same stuff though so I am going to get some rare-earth magnets and drill a hole in the bases for them. That should hold better.

The system allows me to swap sqaud numbers and designations around easily. It means that if I Kampfgruppe sections I can whack a "KG" icon on them and never get them mixed up. It also means I can swaps teams around to do a range of Mid War and Late War companies.

I will post up an image of the Publisher File if anybody wants one.


Jamie said...

Lol typical Jason project - needlessly complicated but very nicely done, original and cool.

The Sperr are coming along nicely indeed.

bikewrench said...

I guess I'll have to wait til Thurs to see your snipers...

Kruger said...

Thanks Guys,

I like to think of "needlessly complicated" as my signature style :P

Looking forward to our game on Thursday, busy painting some Infantry guns and PaK 40 RSO's reinforcemnets

Poochie said...

Needlessly complicated but also ridiculously cool. Sounds typical of you!

Looking darn good

Kruger said...

Cheers Poochie :P

Im thinking of making Cammo Netting Hides for the HMG and AT Gun teams, but not sure if that would look a bit much...everything is pretty busy as it is!

Still, the skys are full of Jabo's so if I was a Kraut in the crumbling days of the Third Reich I sure as hell would be in a deep hole with a camo net over me!