Sunday, February 13, 2011

Painted Impetus EIR Auxiliaries

Hey Folks,

I was supposed to do some comission work tonight, and I did do a bit but in my recent enthusiasim for Impetus and my Early Imperial Romans I go distracted, and accidently painted my first Impetus unit: Western Auxiliarys with Short Bows

They are conversions of the Warlord Games Auxiliaries with Games Workshop WFB Goblin Bows, which is why they are a tad large. Pictures are a bit dark but overall I am pretty happy with how they turned out, and they were realtivley quick to do.

I really have to finish Isaac's WFB Nurgle Chaos Warriors, the FOW Sperrverband Infantry Guns and the PaK 40 RSO's before I sink my teeth into this project...but Im itching to piant Legionaries now!


Craig C said...

They look fantastic Jason, i look forward to seeing therest of the army. Great conversions!

Love the base too

Kruger said...

Cheers Craig,

They are pretty fun to paint too. We will have to have an Impetus game at some point, though Im not sure how the 8cm vs 12cm frontage might work?

Just had to delete some Spam. Im mildly suprised someone bothered tospam me!

Álvaro said...

They are very good!

Kruger said...

Thanks Alavro!

Very much looking forward to doing this army, I played my first game of Impetus the other night and was sold, its and awesome game.

Scotsgrey said...

these are outstanding, I have been looking for inspiration to complete own Early Imperial Army to fight a Caledonian. These auxiliary archers are much better that the figures offered by Warlord games themselves