Thursday, February 17, 2011

"List Frothing" - Impetus on the Brain

Hey Folks,

As jamie has pointed out here I have been thoroughly converted to the way of Impetus.

I'm thinking Middle Imperial Romans, so some time before the end of the Severan Dynasty in 235 AD.

After much list frothing I have come up with this:

CP = Heavy Cav
CM = Medium Cav
FP = Heavy Infantry
FL = Light Infantry
S = Skirmishers

Middle Imperial Romans - 400pts

Average Command Structure: 12

Legio V Alaude Command  VDT 24/12

  • Fair General
  • CM Equites Alares
  • CM Equites Alares
  • FP Legionarii
  • FP Legionarii
  • FP Legionarii
  • FL Auxiliares
  • FL Auxiliares
  • FL Vexillationes Lanciarii
  • S Lanciarii
  • S Sagittarii

Praetorian Command VDT 12/6 136pts

  • Poor General
  • CP Clibanarii
  • FP Legionarii
  • FP Legionarii
  • FL Auxiliares
  • S Sagittarii
So the idea here is that it will be a Stronger Border Legion (Legio V Alaude, in Germania - beacuse thats the shield transfers I have!) with a delegation of Praetorians from Rome.

The FP Legionarii are the heavy foot and I need to have 8-20 of these or the FL Auxialiares. The plan is to form a solid wall of FP Legionarii while the massed Auxiliaries, Skirmishers and the Vexallationes Lanciarii (Basically Heavy Infantry,with Pilum in loose order!) run amok through the rough terrain. The two Medium Cav and the Heavy Cav will be the shock reserve.

I will probably amend this a fair bit but plan to work toward this to start with.


Jamie said...

Excellent choice. Clibinarii are awesome, you got a specifc figure line in mind?

That looks like a good amount of troops - should be solid.

Kruger said...

Hi Jamie,

I was planning to be able to run the EIR version of the list too, I should have enough models to do this.

I was just going to convert up some Clibinarii, the Warlord Games sprues have a nice Female Cavalry Games helmet on them I like the look of that I will use.