Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Arachniphobia - War of the Ring Spider Army

Hey Folks,

This is my "Secret Project" for War of the Ring, an Army of Spiders!

Gleefully I sprung this on Jamie tonight:

The beauty of this army is that it was ridiculously cheap and easy to make. In my random perusal of the crappy discount stores in my Mall where I work I found these:

For the princely sum of $3 each! They are a great size and there are 12 different types in each packet. I then proceeded to clean out two malls work of these plus I also tracked down a couple of large plastic spiders at $3 each as well to use as Queens.

  • Cost of Spiders: $18
  • Cost of Basing: Free
  • Look on Jamie's Face when Unleashed: Priceless!

    The bases are just MDF and Bark with a mix of Gale Force Nine flocks. The painting was simply spray black, dry brush dark grey, dry brush (lightly) light grey, paint eyes and red stripes (GW Dark Flesh Base, then a DF/ Red base highlight) then paint the fangs

    The army works out to be at 1000pts;
  • Druzhag
  • 6 Coy Formation of Giant Spiders
  • 6 Coy Formation of Giant Spiders
  • 5 Coy Formation of Giant Spiders
  • Spider Queen
  • Spider Queen

    This leaves 7 Bases of Spiders for Druzhag to "Call" with his Summon Beasts Ability.

    I played a game vs Jamie tonight with them and they did very well, but are terribly fragile. I will post a battle report for this game in the next few days.

    Here are some more shots of the Horde :P

Its a bit of a Joke army, but terribly easy to do and a good way to game on the cheap.


Craig C said...

They look great Jason


Kruger said...

Thanks Craig :P

Given that they took mere hours to complete lets just say the dark coulours and brighetr basing hides a multitude of sins...