Saturday, February 19, 2011

Further Impetus on the Brain: Basic Impetus Adversary Armies Project

Hi Folks,

Further to my Impetus Frenzy I have just ordered 1 box of 10 Celt Cavalry and 2 boxes of Germans with my Birthday money.

I plan to do two "adversary" Basic Impetus lists with the goal of being able to demo the game to people. I'm thinking at least one of my mates would be super keen but I also intend to pimp my wares at the local club once they are painted. Funny that I have only played the game once and feel the need to convert others already!

I have worked out a German list using this guide: Full to Basic Impetus List Conversion

I have also dropped an Auxiliary unit out of the Romans, and demobilised the Balista though the Sagitarii get a slight boost in VBU. IMO (and from what I have read this is a commonly held opinion) the EIR BI list is just a bit "too" good relative to their enemies. Note that the pints value is still higher then the Germans, even with a lower VBU

Basic Impetus Germans

Nr  Unit                                              M  VBU  I  VD Notes
1    CM Cavalry*                               10    5      2    3 Hundreds
4    FL Batavi or Cherusci Warband    8     4      4    2 Impetuous, Large Units
2    FL Elite Warband*                       8     5      5    2  Impetuous, Large Units, Front Rank, Long Spear
3    S Javelinmen                                 8     2      0    1  Javelin

Total VBU: 37
VDT: 18 9
Full Impetus Total Points Value: 145

Hundreds - Attached Skirmishers. As Pilum but 2 dice in attack and 2 dice in defence
Impetuous - Must follow up after winning a Melee
Long Spear - Negates the Impetus Bonus of Enemy Cavalry
Large Units -FL may form large units
Front Rank - FL Elites may form Large Units with FL but must be the Front Rank unit

Basic Impetus Early Imperial Romans

Nr   Unit                            M  VBU  I  VD  Notes
1     CM Equites Alares*    10    5     2   3
3     FP Legionarii*              5     6     2   3 Pilum
1     FL Auxiliares                8     5     1   2 Auxiliares
1     T Sagittarii                    6     4     0   2 Short Bow A
1     ART Ballistae               3     1     0  1 Art B

Total VBU: 33
VDT: 17 9
Impetus Total Points Value: 163

Notes: Pilum - See BI Rules
Auxiliares - Negates Impetus Bonus of Enemy Warbands


Craig C said...

My Gauls have yet to have any success vs Romans- the Numidians and Sassanids on the other hand dance round and cause them fits.

Carry on spreading the word!


Kruger said...

Hi Craig,

Im hoping to get enough of a groundswell going to perhaps get a comp or demo game up for Comquest.

Im thinking that the Germans might be ok once you go 3 units deep, with Vets in the frotn rank. Plus these guys are FL so shoudlbe able to make use of terrain (hopefully)!

Kruger said...

Oh and I think Im going to just do 200pt lists but use BI rules to start.

That way the Romans will get another Auxiliary unit and some S Sagitarii Skirmashers while the Germans will get 2 more Cav units and some Macemen!