Sunday, May 12, 2013

Force on Force: Kiwi SAS

Hey Folks,

A few models I traded from Andy, these were part painted so I finished them off and based them today. Been fun figuring out how to shade Maori skin tone.

This is a ten man Kiwi SAS Patrol on Afghanistan, broken down to two 4 man fire teams (each with a SAW and a few grenade launchers) and 2 man Sniper Team.

I also have a 3 Man fire team in full chat armour, they are generic troops at the moment but I might paint them up as Canadians or something :)

I also picked up from Andy a really cool 1/48 scale Apache, I need to convert this up to be a British Apache at some point!

And finally no, my squad leaders name is not Willie! (Though he is Maori!)



Andy Tucker said...

Nice work Jas,
the silfor grass looks great and did a good job on the DPMs :)
Game on

Chris said...

Those have come up really nicely Jas!

The differences between a US Apache and a British Apache- new engines (with the same cowlings), a new electronics suite (inside the Longbow dome) and folding rotor blades to operate of RN ships.

Just change the name on the tail boom.....

bikewrench said...

Looking good mate!
We need to run some joint operations.