Saturday, June 15, 2013

Conflict '89: Winter Panzerbrigade Finished

Hey Folks,

All based and painted and good to go: I just finished the start of the winter West German Panzer Brigade. 
All based and snowed up :)
Luchs - would love to add some Recce Leopard 1A4s here!
Panzergrenadiers with 4 Milan and Marder 1A3 IFVs
A short Jaeger section - I have some TpZ Fuchs to paint as transports 
Leopard 2A5s - I would love to get a Leopard 1A4 company as well as these are utilised in the Panzergrenadier Battalions. I have also been doing some research on Heersstruker IV (Structure Plan 4) and it looks like Tank Company's were 2 Command and 3 platoons of 4 Tanks, so ten tanks at 2/3 str is about right.
Panzermorsers - full battery is actually 6 so I might add two more here. Also not sure if its a command Marder or M113 or M577 here as well. A Marder will do for now though
Rakejagdpanzer Jaguar 2s. Each Panzergrenadier Battalion had 12 of these. I'm assuming 3 sections of 4 tanks 
Panzergrenadier Battalion Command and a Gepard.

I can't actually find out how Gepards were distributed - there are 36 per Division but I'm not sure if they were assigned as pairs or sections or even fielded as full on Batteries. I DO know they had attached Stinger teams towards the end of the 80's

Overall I'm pretty happy with them. Just a few bits and pieces to finish off/ order.



Andy Tucker said...

These look totally rad Jas, id have to paint some winter stuff or whitewash also and book me in for a game... we need to get these krauts on the table!

Andy Tucker said...

We still need to get these krauts on the table, lol
il be painting my russian t72 horde to give you a good run for your money :)