Saturday, June 15, 2013

Impetus: Roman Auxilia

Hey Folks,

Just finished these off today for a game tonight. 

Some kit bashed Roman CL Light Cavalry with Javelins and the mandatory 2 S Funditore Slinger Units (VBU 3 - yes please!)
Slingers are made from Immortal Plastic Hoplite bodies, WGF slings and a arms with a mix of Warlord Roman Auxilia helmets, ECW heads and hats and some WGF heads (which are pretty heinous) 
Cavalry are WGF Persian Bodies, arms and Weapons with Warlord Auxilia Helmets. horses are metal Front Rank Norman horses I have spare. 
Overall pretty quick and dirty. Next up some dirty and treacherous Praetorians at some point. 



Andy Tucker said...

Nice work Jas,
Ive almost completely finished my romans also just got 1 unit of Contatorium, but as soon as I get my Cataphracts painted we can play Palmyra!!

Yay for Impetus!

You've done a great job with the conversions, they are a nice mix of figures

Jamie said...

Nice work. Now I REALLY need some Armenian CL. Warlord have some pretty cool Parthians on their 'to do' list.

Hmm. Anyway I like Impetvs a lot more when I only have to paint a unit or two extra, at a time!

Jason Holland said...

Thanks guys.

Good game too Jaime.i got a tad rash at the end there but otherwise the plan sort of was quite the blood bath!