Saturday, October 13, 2012

SAGA: LotR Elves of Rivendale

Hi Folks,

This my little project when I had some leave a couple of weeks ago.  We drove down to Invercargill, which was cold, grey and rainy so perfect painting weather!

This is a warband built using Jamie's excellent SAGA adapation and is 6 points in Saga terms.  This is made up of;

  • Glorfindal - Lord of the West (Warlord)
  • 2 Units of 6 Noldorian Heavy Infantry with Spears and Shields (Hearthgaurd)
  • 1 Unit of 4 Noldorian Heavy Archers with Bows (Hearthgaurd)
  • 2 Units of 8 visiting Sindarian Archers with Bows and Eleven Cloaks (Warriors)
Some of this was painted by Andy as I picked it up in a trade, so I just finished them off and touched them up and shaded them to match the Wood Elves which are all from scratch. 
High Elven Cohort - the Banner is Free Hand :)
Wood Elven Archers

Green Cohort with Banner

Glorfindal - this was painted by Andy and he did a great job.

The whole 6 point Warband

More Woodelves - led by the a captain who looks alot like the Prince of Mirkwood...
I even managed t get a game in vs Jamie's Urak Hai and assorted Orc and Man scum.  The game was a long drawn out slug fest were I tried to use my superior archery (which isnt at all superior in SAGA) to whittle his units down while he moved a massive flanking force into position.  Refusing to split my forces across a river and then some quick spoiling attacks managed to keep the horde at bay, but only at the cost of some precious elven lives. 

The Mighty  Uruk Hai Beserkers got in to a High Eleven Cohort right at the end game and managed to kill 5 of them while they all died in return but in the end it was still a bloody draw (Jamie did give it to me but it looked too close)

Overall I found that the potential of the Battleboard is great, as its based on the Jomsviking board with its Wrath Mechanic but as Jamie refused to give me ANY wrath (or Fea in this incarnation) untill the point where I couldnt use it I was quite hamstrung.  I also should have gone more combat focused and used my movement enhancing ability to hit an isolated portion of the Uruk Battleline instead of trying to shoot them...

Overall a heap of Fun though and it was good to paint som 28mm for a change, as well as actually complete something!



Craig C said...

They look very, very nice


Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

Excellent I just love th lord of the rings sculpts from gw especially when used in alternative rulesets!

Cheers and thanks for sharing!

Chris said...


At some point I will bust out the boys from Tirith (not as threatening as the ones from the hood) and we can have a game!

The Kiwi said...

Great job. Saga LOTR looks good.

Kruger said...

Thanks Guys,

While I am not the GW Fanboy I used to be I do really like the LOTR sculpts, they did a great job of faithfully representing the work form the Movies.

LOTR Saga is awesome. :)