Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Bolt Action: 1st IJA Jungle Fighter Squad

Hey Folks and Merry Christmas,

After the early start and madness that was the Kids raking in there haul, eating too much (followed by the inevitable sugar crash) I managed to actually get some painting done.

I have had a game awhile ago vs Xelee's Russians (though thankfully without the T-34/85) and while we were sort of only vaguely knew the rules we had a blast. Following this the game seems short, bloody and somewhat (but not too brainfryingingly) tactical. The Initiative sequence is quite cool and unique.

I have had some Japanese Army models for a while and have decided to get them finished finally.  I have around 500pts but first up is a Veteran Jungle Fighter squad of the 第2師団 Daini shidan or 2nd Sendai Division which fought through the Dutch East Indies and Solomon's (where it lost 7000 men!) until finishing the war fighting in Burma, where it was annihilated.  Its call sign was "The Courageous Division"

NCO with the rare Type 100 SMG
"There are coming out of the trees!"

8 Veterans..., mostly with Ariska's, though also an NCO and a Type  99 LMG  Team

Type 99 LMG Gunner

And showing off the webbing
 As they are Jungle Fighters I decided to Jungle up the bases...the have 2 types of flock, silfor tufts, lichen and two different types of plastic aquarium plants I harvested form our fish tank. :)

I have a fire support squad of 6 more Experienced troops halfway done so far and plan to get the army done by end of January :)



Jamie said...

Sweet, Boltaction. Figs are looking very good. I finally have the rules so am ready to rumble in the jungle at any time. SO REFRESHING to be able to flick through and straighten oit some areas that had been bugging me. I can leave the tank at home if its too scary lol

I also got the Warlord Pike and Shotte rules for christmas. The book is great, lots of pretty pictures and history overviews for Italian Wars right though to wars of the Sun King.... Remember those other figs we have? :-)

Allan and Carmen said...

Fantastic work on the bolt Action Japanese. They are hands down the best I have seen!

The basing is excellent as well.

Happy Gaming,


Kruger said...

Sweet! Im sure we captured the spirit, if not the specifics.

Pike and Shotte sounds cool. Im keen to also finish off (well start!) those other models too...along with the half dozen assorted other half projects!

Kruger said...

Thanks Allan, they are fun models to paint. Very sterotypical criticatures but fun none the less!

I like the style of the sculpter, high definition and sometimes even a bit crude (they are very heroic 28mm) but this could be my old 40k roots showing themselves!

Rodger said...

Beautiful work on these guys. Love the basing too, very jungle like!

bikewrench said...

Nice work Jas.
Would love some WW2 skirmish action!
Perhaps we could meet in sunny Guadalcanal?

Ben said...

They are really nice. They almost make me what to get into Bolt Action but I really want justify another WW2 game.

But I may steal your basing ideas for some plans I have been thinking about for FOW Nam

Thanks Ben