Sunday, August 9, 2015

Star Wars Armada: Encounter at Epsilon IV

Hey Folks,

Got my first game of Star Wars Armada in with the Rebels in a 400pt bash vs Ben at my place.

I had 2 Mk2 Assault Frigates (with enhanced batteries and gunnery teams of course), a support frigate with Leia and 2 Corvette B's. So 5 ships!  Also had 2 each no name X-wing's, A-wing's and Y-wing's. Lead by Dodonna

The Imperial Opressors had 2 Victory's  (one a II with Tarkin, one a I with Dominator and Assault Missiles!), the Gladiator Insidious, 4 TIE's, an advanced, a Bomber,  Vader and Rhymer.
The mission was Intel Sweep 2hich I thought should favour me but...

Imperial's had the initiative so they lumber forward with Dominator moving near the first objective, a weapons platform. My 1st space whale (on loan from Ben) moves to investigate a fuel depot while the corvettes swing wide and my flagship assault frigate (the converted one) and Leia's Nebulon B lurk centrally. Squadron play so much jockeying for position while a sneaky TIE manages to engage the lead x-wing.

Turns 2 and 3 saw the Assault frigates dive past Tarkin's flagship in order to avoid getting nailed by the Gladiator. I cut this a bit close with the space whale and he clipped Tarkin's Victory but thankfully didn't get stuck on the front!  I managed to avoid taking too much damage from the Gladiator but Ben was slowly wining the fighter war and I wasnt able to do enough damage to the Star Destroyers.

Turn 4 and 5 saw Dodonna's flagship destroyed on the edge of the gas cloud. One of the corvettes played chicken with the Gladiator too long and eventually Bens black dice of death got it. Meanwhile Leia's Nebulon B took a brutal hit from Tarkin's Victory which almost one shotted it...until Tarkin promptly ordered Ramming speed and crushed her :( 

The space whale and a corvette managed to escape the trap but we only had one objective to the Imperial's two. I could of got another one but might have died anyway and the fighters where all but gone so...jump to Hyperspace! 

Thanks for the great game Ben! Rebels are different but I like how they play. You drove your fleet very well and it punished me when I made mistakes! Keen for a rematch!



Ben said...

Nice pics - was a really fun game and was quite delicately poised for the first few turns. Highlights include Vader 1-shotting an Xwing which was funny as I had said poignantly before rolling the dice "you know Vader's cool coz he can 1-shot an Xwing..." :)
Other key moments were Tarkin's Vic2 spearing Leia's Neb-B in the side for 5 damage (rolled the 2 accuracies) then finishing it off with a ram. Also Vader once again riding in like a boss and taking out the second Xwing to free up Rhymer & friend for a bombing run against the crippled Rebel flagship.

I'm not a big fan of the Corvette B's - they have to get close to get shots and unless very carefully shepherded into rear arcs they are vulnerable at mid-short range. Also the enhanced armaments while great does put you at the mercy of the red dice and there were a lot of blanks at times. If running a red dice list like that I'd look at ways to smooth out the lumps such as Sensor teams or Conc. Fire command tokens.

Jason Holland said...

Thanks Ben,

Both Vader and Tarkin were absolute bosses for sure!

Great game and good advice. I learnt a lot about strengths and weaknesses here so looking forward to another game as Rebs sometime :)

Nicholas Caldwell said...

Really like the gas streamers -- simple yet effective terrain that looks really good. Consider that idea stolen. :-)

Jason Holland said...

Steal away!

We treat them as obstructions. It's blue stuffing (as in teddy bears etc) slightly sprayed with Red and White


phann son said...

very good