Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Star Wars Armada: Epic 4 Player Game

Hi Folks,

Ben, Chris and John came around on Saturday for an epic game of Star Wars Armada! 

We just rolled with every ship we had between us and painted ships only.

Imperial Brief (John and I) was to strike a hammer blow to the rebellion by knocking out a resupply base and destroy any military forces and transport vessels. 

Rebel Brief (Ben abd Chris) was to evacuate crucial supplies and personal while delaying and damaging the Imperial Attack...

To keep it simple we didn't use points but assigned an upgrade card per command value point, with the Rebels getting an extra card per ship. Likewise the Rebels had all the aces while Imperial's were standard squadrons...

Sadly Jamie was stricken with the plague so it ended up with the Rebels being heavily outnumbered...

 Imperial's line abreast. 5 Victory Class ISD's lead by Tarkin and Vader. 4 Gladiators. Around 25 squadrons...
 Rebel defenders...2 each of each class and 6 squadrons! Oh and an armed Space Station and 3 weapon platforms
 Imperial's advance at flank speed!
 Fleets start to engage
 Massive fighter brawl!
 Imperial Plan: Straight up the middle all subtle like.
 Starting to get messy...the first ISD goes down
 Rebels kiting...meanwhile the Rebel Aces lurking near Galleby Haven are mincing my fighters.
 Nearing end game. 3 ISDS and a Gladiator down. 2 rebel transports have escaped but the station and weapon platforms are destroyed.
And it's over!

We had victory points per destroyed cap ship (based on size), for the station and for transports away. In the end it was 14 points each so we gave it too the rebels as they were so heavily outnumbered!

Good game guys - looking forward to reprising it when Wave 2 is out :)



Ben said...

Nice Pics! Was a rather hilarious game. Despite being horribly outgunned the Rebels went down fighting with Leia bravely sacrificing herself to ram the last hit point off a VSD! Looking forward to round 2!

Jason Holland said...

Absolutely rediculous game but loved it and it was cool how Leia crashed into that VSD. I'm sure she escaped as you know, that's what she does!

Round 2 with ISD'S and Mon Cal cruisers will be epic...

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