Monday, January 11, 2016

Team Yankee: First Defense of the Fulda Gap

Hey Folks, 

After reading about Adams blogpost about using 6mm models for Team Yankee Andy (of decided to try it out as well. 

Sadly we had no rulebook for Team Yankee as yet so just went with what we had gleaned from the net and from our rusty memories of how Flames works. Or we just made it up. Good times! 

We went with small 50 point forces where I had Bundeswher (counting as Yanks) and Andy had Russians 

German Panzergrenadier Kompanie

  • Command with Marder (M113) 
  • 2 Short (5 stand) Panzergren Platoons with Marders and 2 Milan (Dragons) each 
  • 2 Platoons of 2 Rakete Jgadpanzers (M901 ITV's) each 
  • 1 Platoon of 2 Flakpanzer Gepards (M163 Vulcans) 
  • 1 Platoon of 4 Leopard II's (M1 Abrams) 
Russian Red Banner Tank Battalion

  • Command T72
  • 7 (?) T72s
  • 5 T72s
We decided to just halve the distance in inchs and this worked pretty well! Gave a nice visual on ranges and movements. 

Mission was Free for All as it was easy :) 

We played on a Winter table with some suspiciously tropical looking buildings...

 3' by 4' was equivalent to an 6' by 8' board so a heap of room to deploy. We played across the 3' 
 The Russian have siezed the town and the woods on its outskirts 
Turn 1: The German Leopards bound up the center why one Panzergren platoon flanks towards the top left of the town. Long range missile fire from the Jadgpanzers on the ridge line and in the central woods only succeed in Bailing a T-72. The Soviet Tank Company in the town moves up and tags a team survives and bails out. They also bail a Leopard at long range.
Turn 2: The Leopards move up to support the Panzergrens (who are now cornered on the outskirts of the town) and engage the T-72s to no effect. Soviet return fire is devastating with  one Leopard destroyed and another bailed. With only one active Leopard the platoon retreats and leaves the Panzergreens to their fate...
Turn 2 - Continues to be painful for the Germans...with one platoon of Jgadpanzers knocked out after Andy rolls the 6 he needs to hit one at range (and concealed, with GTG) and the remaining vehicle retreats. 
Turn 3: The Soviets continue to press the attack while the remaining Jagdpanzer platoon just cant scratch the T-72s in the fields. Return fire destroys one and bails the other (who then scarpers as I cant roll courage tests it seems!) The Panzergrens desperately try an shelter in the buildings but massed 125mm HE rounds are starting to cause casualties. 
Turn 4: The Panzergrens in the town manage to bag the enemy CO with a MILAN before finally succumbing to the guns of the T-72's in the town. 
Turn 5: The Germans are holding on to the bitter end and a lucky MILAN shot from the Panzergrens on the ridge takes out a T-72. Its too little to late as the Soviets drive on the central objective...
Endgame: The Soviets smashed the Germans and the advance into Western Germany Continues! 

Overall Thoughts: Fun - I love playing Moderns and I used to play ALOT of Flames of War so it was quite easy to pick up. It was somewhat hard without a rulebook but seemed to flow pretty well. 

Andy and I are quite keen to stat up the Middle East as we have buckets of Israelis, Jordania/ Iranians and Iraqis between us...and we don't have to make a whole new terrain set! It shouldn't be too hard to extrapolate from Team Yankee stats back to the other units available. Having a small points system also makes costing things alot easier.



Jamie said...

Hi Jason, looks very cool. I hate the idea of actual moderns but alt history 80s moderns are a different story. In Red storm Rising, the oilfields were the true objective IIRC (I want to read it again now lol) so a different theatre could totally work.

Jason Holland said...

Conflict 89 was at history so we always are keen to play the "what if" scenarios.

Balkans, Turkey and the Middle East all work terrain wise too.

Games basicly a streamlined version of Flames so it's quick and gives a result. I'm keen to play more!

bikewrench said...

Cool write up Jas!
Looks like fun too and makes me miss our Conflict 89 games. Terrain still looks awesome as well.

Andy Tucker said...

Thanks jas, fun game, nice write up. I admit i got some lucky dice rolls, next time il bring mine and you can have your lucky pinks lol. 50 points was a good amount i thought but happy to bring all the toys next time.

Andy Tucker said...

And only 11 tanks, hq 5 and 5 :)

Anonymous said...

Please more content- I love your blog but it's gone silent for so long..... :)

Anonymous said...

When you reduce to 6mm do you also reduce the range and movement as well?

phann son said...

It's my current obsession! Loving Fallout 4 ATM so I guess it goes hand in hand..