Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Warclouds: Craig Parker FTW!

Hey Folks, 

So 2016. I wont bore you with a "New Years Post" as I am notoriously bad at posting anyway...but plan to keep up a bit this year anyway. 

This year starts with Craig Parker...

As I have this WIP for Warclouds (on Waitangi Weekend) 

A whole heap of OOP Metal Lord of the Rings Elveses square based for Warhammer/ 9th Age/ KoW/ whatever system lets me throw down dice and drink beers. 

Updates at some point 



Jamie said...

The Elves are coming along well. Those cav in particular are very cool.

It goes without saying, but I'll state it anyway: So much better than the absurd looking Warhammer high elves...

And yes, I think the majority Fantasy constituency has now joined me in my reality that we have an army that will play many different rule sets.

Please may KOW not become the default thing for events though. I feel we can all do better with that precious and too infrequent weekend leave pass.

Niblet said...

Is it possible to convert and paint Craig Parker with arrows through both his eyes? Just because I'm not a fan.

Jason Holland said...

100% agree here. I don't mind KoW but it felt very warmahordes in its focus on competitive play and combos. I like a bit more depth so prefer 9th age

Jason Holland said...

I have 4 Craig Parker models. I'm sure I can model a spare one in a suitibly murdered state for you Nathan

Also - FYI I'm not a fan either! It's just hilarious I have shorty street actors in my army :)

harada57 said...
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