Monday, March 25, 2013

Impetus: Takeda Samurai

Second attempt at this post as the blogger app on my iThing had a moment, so here is the short version :)

Jamie and I are doing Impetus Samurai. I'm doing Takeda, he's doing Usegui.

First up a FP Samurai unit with Yari and a T Ashigaru unit with Teppo. Figures are crappy WGF (which are cheap and not too crap, but not Perry!) and some OG models I picked up on EBay. I like the fat heads as I'm going for a stylised screen print approach. Just got to flock em. Next up Ashigaru with Yari



Craig L said...

Great stuff Jason. are you going to bring them to Southcon. We are running a 300pt Impetvs tournament with an asian theme. Myself I am taking koreans

Kruger said...

Thanks Craig,

I saw your doing Koreans :)

Might not have a hall pass bit will see what I can do.


Itinerant said...

The second comment where I say, "I was thinking the same thing." This time about your screen print approach. As I've been thinking on a 15mm or 6mm samurai project I've thought it would be cool to paint the armies and terrain to look like the prints we see now from the era.

Btw, I like the look of your Armies.