Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bolt Action: WTO vs ETO??!

Hey Folks,

Popped round to Nathan and Johns place last night for a game of Bolt Action and took on there Axis combined Kraut/ Hungarian force with my Japanese allied with oddly Adams US Marines??!

We faffed about a bit for the start as we tried to figure out how to play the Hold until Relieved mission. Marines and Japs surrounded the central position and then tried to force them out with some bloody and costly assaults. Highlight was Nathan's totally sweet 4Ground laser cut MDF buildings.

I borrowed a Italian M14/41 to use as a Chi Ha but it did nothing and then got blown up. Highlights were Adams Buffalo chugging up the river MGing Krauts and my Sniper scoring a totally sweet kill on an LMG team which caused them to run. Otherwise nobody was really in a dominant position so we ended it as a Draw.


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Jamie said...

A draw!?!? I picked that mission to prevent one.

Love that shot of the amphibious rransport moving up the river :) Very cool.

I am actually gettimg worried at the number of times we've now sniped guys in buildings, between the two of us. Its 6s to kill but we seem to get them.