Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Impetus: Takeda Archers

Hey Folks,

Quick update. I've 99% finished a T unit of Makasakges Yumi (bow) armed Ashigaru as well as a unit of S Yumi armed Samurai (which are still crappy VBU 2, but look cool)

Just got to add the flock etc.

Next up The Seven Samurai as a FL Ronin unit :)



Phil said...

Very nice looking archers!

Jason Holland said...

Thanks Phil,

The WGF models might be a pain to build but they paint up nicely enough.


Craig L said...

It would be a crying shame not to bring these guys to Southcon.
Re Southcon and Lorenzo Sartori himself has agreed to provide a Extra Impetus supplement of winners choice as a prize. It will be the first official Impetus tournament in NZ and will added into the world league calender.

bikewrench said...

Wow Jas, those look great!
After I finish my ACW...

Craig C said...

Looking good Jason


Jason Holland said...

Thanks guys. Not sure if southcon is a possibility this year with my new job but will see what I can do...